CIMB Bank PH Honors Everyday Heroes: The Pinoy Mavericks Awards

CIMB Bank PH launches the Pinoy Mavericks Awards, honoring inspiring stories of Filipinos overcoming adversity. Learn more about this award and its inspiring nominees!
CIMB Bank Philippines, the leading digital-only bank known for its innovative approach, recently launched a unique initiative: the CIMB Pinoy Mavericks Awards. This award program celebrates the extraordinary achievements of everyday Filipinos who have triumphed over adversity, setting an example for others.

Championing Filipino Resilience
"We aim to celebrate the victories of ordinary Filipinos who have battled challenges and hardships to not only achieve remarkable things but also leave a positive impact on their communities," said CIMB Bank PH CEO Vijay Manoharan.

More Than Just Banking
The Pinoy Mavericks Awards go beyond recognizing success. They embody CIMB's commitment to financial inclusion and social responsibility. "This initiative aligns perfectly with our mission to empower Filipinos and improve their lives," Manoharan emphasized. "We strive to make saving and borrowing accessible through our digital banking solutions, helping Filipinos attain their financial goals."

Inspiring Stories
The inaugural Pinoy Mavericks Awards will showcase individuals who have overcome various challenges, including financial hardship, physical limitations, and loss. Their journeys serve as a beacon of hope for others facing similar struggles.

A Shared Maverick Spirit
D’Artagnan Aguilar, CIMB Bank Philippines' Chief Marketing Officer, shared, "When we entered the Philippine banking scene, we were a new player facing established giants. Just like David and Goliath, we carved our own path and became the trusted partner of 8 million customers in just five years. This is the essence of the maverick spirit we want to cultivate – the courage to pursue your dreams and make a difference."

Giving Back and Looking Forward
The winners of the Pinoy Mavericks Awards will receive a cash prize, with half donated to a charity of their choice, echoing the importance of community support.

Stay tuned for the announcement of the inspiring nominees!

Learn More
To discover more about the CIMB Pinoy Mavericks Awards, visit or witness the program unveiling here:

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