Huawei WiFi AX3 Router. Consistent & Easy to use.


If you guys were able to check out our unboxing of the Huawei Wifi AX3 Router here, then you know that we're as excited to try this out and check out how the performance of the Huawei compares with our stock Converge router.

The Huawei Wifi AX3 router is not just a router, it also has some of Huawei's proprietary features that make it so easy to use especially if you have a Huawei smartphone. After testing it for a couple of weeks, some things were pretty clear:

  • Up to 3x faster speeds - I definitely got more of what I was usually getting. Overall speed was boosted and download speeds were capable of up to 3x when connected to the 5GHz frequency bandwidth.
  • Lower latency - My mobile gaming experience definitely stepped up a bit especially on high pressured scenarios like in Call of Duty Mobile or League of Legends Wild Rift. 
  • Larger Capacity - The WiFi 6 allows the router to manage more devices simultaneously with a minimal decrease in speeds

I know that we jumped right into it, but let's talk more about the look of the Huawei Wifi AX3. Well, it's white. Clean, slim design in matte finish. I like that it's simple and neat looking, although a black version would have been nice too. The four antennas can be folded up and down and that's it.

You'll know somehow that your router is working with the green LED status light in front. On top is also the AI H button. On the back, you have the power connection slot, 1x WAN port, 3 x LAN port, reset pin and the power button.

I think the only thing I can comment on here is that this router only came with 3 LAN ports. While others usually come with 4 ethernet slots, this setup will force me to connect other devices through WiFi.

I consider myself a techie but when it comes to routers, I'm quite lost. Setting this one up was easy. No need to log in to your laptop or PC to adjust settings, this one you just need your smartphone. You can also easily turn on NFC, tap the back of your phone on the router's NFC area and you can be connected already. Other ways to connect is you can download the Huawei AI Life app and connect it as easy as connecting to your wifi.

Change the name of your connection, edit the password, remove users and others can be done inside the Huawei AI Life App via your smartphone. You can also check your internet connection like the download and upload speed is like. You can also do the following:
  • Set parental controls
  • Perform diagnosis
  • Setup Guest Wi-Fi
  • Optimise Wifi channel
  • Perform OTA updates
  • Set wifi Signal strength
  • Restart router
  • set timer

Again, it's so nice that you can do all these via an app on your smartphone!

I've tried testing the connection at the end of the room, passing through 2 rooms first with multiple walls. Even with that, the Huawei AX3 still manages to stable connection speed and was actually surprised with the connection.

Overall, I think that this Huawei WiFi AX3 router is definitely a great upgrade over the stock router you'd be getting from PLDT, Globe, or Converge. For around Php 3,000 you get to experience WiFi 6 and other features and controls that you never had before.

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