Honest Review: Huawei FreeBuds Studio

Here's a long-term review of the Huawei FreeBuds Studio, this is the second part of my review. If you remember, my first unboxing & initial impressions here.

I mentioned there the Dual device connection. A feature where the headphones can connect to two devices simultaneously and can easily switch the connections. For example, using the Huawei FreeBuds Studio for my weekly zoom meetings on my laptop and then getting a call from my Huawei P40 Pro, it switches connection seamlessly. I also tried it from my Huawei MatePad Pro watching movies and then receiving a call on my phone and answering it. It's actually convenient. Never thought I would need this feature until I had it.

Another is the wearer recognition. It is when playback stops when I take it off and continues as I put them back on. Now I'm not so sure yet the technical details on it but it's pretty handy. I don't need to stop it manually and play it when I put it back on. It doesn't just work when I play music but also when I watch movies. Like I said before, really convenient.
The Noise Cancelling System on this one is definitely something worth noting. Again, this is not a big deal before for me until I tried it myself. The device has high-end acoustic mechanisms which has lots of sensors to achieve really good noise-cancelling effects when in ANC mode (Active Noise Cancelling). Sometimes, I just wear the headphones and turn on noise cancelling just to drown out other small ambient noise to help me focus on what I'm doing. Like right now for example. The other mode is a Awareness mode where you'd be able to heard audio details on your surrounds even when you are watching or listening to music. And another one is turning it off. You can easily toggle the button on the back of the left driver to switch modes.
One reason I think makes this work is the Intelligent Dynamic ANC which can detect scene changes all the time. It has IMU sensor and Kirin A1 chip ROC which creates a multi-scene preception system. It automatically adjust the cancellation mode in different environments for a more suitable and comfortable use.

Clear voices calls! While you think having 2 or 3 or 4 microphones is enough, I guess it can never be enough. The Huawei FreeBuds Studio has 8 omnidirectional microphone system. Four microphones are places on each ear cup symmetrically and they cooperate with each other to comprehensively and sensitively detect the ambient sound. The more accurate capture of sound the better contril of nouse reduction. Now that's just some amazing tech!

Battery is amazing, I spend days even weeks of not charging this badboy and it still has some juice in it! So if you're always on the go, or always travelling, working or whatever, this headphones is low maintenance. Not only does it have a long battery life, it also charges fast! This one is definitely your best friend on a long trip! Just to give you guys an idea, one single charge can give you 24 hours of listening, 20 hours with the ANC on. In case you forget to charge it and need power, just plug it in on a type-C charger and a 10 minute charge can give you around 5 more hourse of listening time. How's that for amazing? 
Ofcourse, the design. Come on, don't tell me that headphones doesn't look good! The built is nice really quality. The material, the pads & cushion is also nice. The headphones packs that 40mm drivers and even in photos, you can see that it is well built.
On the drivers, you only have 3 buttons. You have the bluetooth pairing button, the power button and the ANC button on the left. To pair, just hold the button with the bluetooth sign for 4 seconds and it will appear on your bluetooth enabled devices. Pairing is a breeze because of its fast pairing feature where the headphones will search for nearby devices during the first pairing. The request will pop up on your smartphone screen for a quick confirmation. One click then you are easily connected! The power button, you just need to hold it for 1-2 seconds to turn it on and off. The ANC button on the left, you know already. 
There are other features here that also adds to the whole experience in using the Huawei FreeBuds Studio. Like using the easy touch control on the ear cups. Very intuitive controls too! Swipe up and down for the volume, and left or right for the previous and next song. Double tap to play, pause, answer and end call. You can also press and hold for 2 secs to activate voice assistant or reject a call. 

Overall I just love the user experience of the Huawei FreeBuds Studio. Design and built quality is top notch. The ANC and intuitive features is just amazing and very convenient. Wether you work in an office, a creator, a jet setter, an audiophile or an executive. This is one headphone that I would recommend that you guys consider on your next wireless headphone purchase. Not only does it delivers on the quality sound but it also looks good on anyone and so much more. If you want to check out my unboxing of this Huawei FreeBuds Studio, check it out right here.

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