HUAWEI FreeBuds Studio - Unboxing & Initial Impressions

Where shall I start with this?
Just by looking at it, I can immediately see the intention & ideas that went into conceptualizing and creating this quality headphones. A wireless studio headphones that packs a powerful noise cancellation system in it 40mm drivers, this feature and so much more, but first, let's unbox!

The Box
Is simple. It features the product in front. Nothing on the sides, the back features some of the key features of the HUAWEI FreeBuds Studio in English and other language. At bottom is the barcode with motel, item and color details of the headphones. When the cover is lifted, this nice headphone case is revealed on what looked like a plastic or sturdy material but texture finished and leather like. Lifting the said case you can find the important information and other papers like warranty card.

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A reflective glossy plastic branded in HUAWEI can be seen in the middle giving you an idea where the case should be properly facing. Fingerprint marks easily sticks to this surface but can be removes just as easliy. The zipper looks like its waterproof or spill proof to avoid water or accidental spills from damaging the headphones inside. The zipper pull tab looks and feels like quality leather and feels like one also.

Opening the protective case presents the beautiful headphones. There's also a visible flap which hides the type-c charger which I think is a thoughtful idea.
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Directing your gaze to the Huawei FreeBuds Studio now, you can see the left and right pads. Now don't be overwhelmed yet, appreciate first the band, the cushion, the pads, and the controls. This is where it took me a while to understand to this touch feature works. 
Basically, slide your finger up or down to adjust the voluue. Swipe or slide left to skip next or go back on previous track when your listening music. You can pause or play but double tapping on the touch area of the right hearphone, same move can answer the call and drop it.

On the right you can see the power button and the bluetooth pairing button. You hold the power for 1-2 seconds to turn on and off. Hold the bluetooth button for 4 seconds, it turns on pairing mode and appears on your bluetooth enabled devices. It also has a fast pairing feature where the headphones will search for nearby devices automatically during the first pairing. Then the request window will pop up on your smartphone screen for a quick confirmation. Just one-click and they are connected so you can enjoy the music right away.
On the left ear you can find the ANC or active noice cancelling button. Press once to switch between ANC On, clear mode and ANC off. Before we had over to the features, let me just point out that the earcups are fitted with protein leather also known commonly as leatherette.  This is definitely a nod to Huawei's sustainability efforts. Wearing it and putting it on sits comfortable over the ears.There are also pads on top of the band to give you extra cushion and comfort when wearing.

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A Powerful Noise Cancelling System
Built with high-end acoustic mechanisms consisting of a large number of sensors to achieve unparalleled noise-canceling effects with ANC mode, Awareness mode, and call noise cancellation.

AI Powered, Intelligent Dynamic ANC
Intelligent Dynamic ANC With the IMU (Inertial measurement unit) sensor and Kirin A1 chip ROC form a multi-scene perception system, which can detect the scene changes all the time. Then the adaptive noise control technology can adjust different noise cancellation modes to get a quieter and more comfortable ANC effect. It automatically adjusts the cancellation mode in different environments for a more suitable and comfortable active noise cancellation effect.

Quality voice calls with the Omnidirectional 8 microphones system
Four microphones are placed on each ear cup symmetrically. They cooperate with each other to comprehensively and sensitively detect the ambient sound. The more accurate capture of sound, the better control of noise reduction. 

Versatile noise canceling modes
The Clear mode lets you talk to people without taking off your headphones. Awareness Mode & Voice Mode. Awareness makes the sound coming into your ears as real and natural, and you can pay attention to your surroundings while listening to songs. Voice Mode enhances the human voice while reduce the environmental noise, so you can talk to people in noisy environments such as airplanes. 

Easy Use and Smart Control
Very intuitive and easy to use. Swipe your finger or Swipe up of down to adjust the volume up, Swipe left or right for Previous song or for Next Song, Double tap for Play/pause music, answer/end call, Press and Hold for 2 secs to activate voice assistant/reject call. 

Low Latency Gaming Mode Sound, Picture and Action. All Synced.
The excellent wireless audio coding algorithm greatly reduces signal latency, to give you a more enjoyable and immersive gaming experience.
The Huawei FreeBuds Studio has Dual Antennas for Stable Connection this allows the headphones to switch to the other antenna based on network to avoid interference. This makes Bluetooth connection more stable and gets longer distance

Another feature which I think is nice is the Dual Device connection. Switching between two devices is now easy. You can connect your Huawei FreeBuds Studio with two devices simultaneously, with the headphones you are able to watching videos with your tablets as well as taking calls with your mobile phone

Talking about the battery, you can expect a long battery life and fast charging features in the Huawei FreeBus Studio. With ANC turned-off, a single charge brings you up to 24-hour listening, or 20-hour listening with ANC turn-on, it could meet your need even in a long trip. You can enjoy your favourite music even on a long trip. But if you need power supply in a hurry,  A 10-minute charging can give you 5 more hours of listening time.

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Built is solid in quality. You can see the craftsmanship that goes into creating this Huawei device, it's just elegant. The adjustable metal bars has that premium feel to it which connects the bands and the ear cups. The headphones fits most head shapes even fits nicely on my 5 yo girl's head. The fit is comfortable and my ears doesn't touch the insides of the ear cup. 

One feature I liked is the wearer recognition. The headphones stop music playback when I take them off and continue as soon as I put them back on. When not on ear, it has an auto-off feature also at around 10 minutes mark that helps save your battery also.

The sound is amazing. May it be music or games, the Huawei FreeBuds Studio delivers quality sound as expected. I had fun testing out the ANC features, switching from awareness, to noise cancelling and checking the the difference it makes when it's turned off. The intuitive controls adds to the ease of use of this headphones.

Now with all that said, I guess what I'm trying to say is that with the price of P 15,999 here in the Philippines, you get your money's worth if you're in the market for over-the-ear headphones then this is definitely something you should consider.
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