#WearToInspire with Inspi Group Brands this Shopee 2.2

Inspi Philippines is a retail company that markets several brands that will holistically inspire and promote a positive outlook in life. Brands include Inspi, Mikana Accessories, Organic Skin, Organic Crown Apparel. #WearToInspire

First up from the brands is the Shigetsu KAGAWA Semi round Computer eyeglasses for Women with Anti Radiation/Bluelight Metal Frame
The gender neutral design of silver full frames are made of metal, yet sleek and stylish for everyone. Every Shigetsu eyeglasses comes with its own complete eyewear package. What's nice about every purchase of Shigetsu specs, you get a really nice leather case, black pouch, soft wiping cloth and your Anti-Blue Light and UV400 eyeglasses
I actually have a couple of glasses already and I am loving the styles that they have. Modern, stylish and affordable. The Shigetsu glasses gives you the style and good quality specs and frames you need without breaking your wallet
This coming February 2, buyers will get up to 50pesos off, min spend of P450 when they use code SHIG22SLE which is valid until FEB.02. with up to 77% off discount on select items. 

GET IT FOR ONLY 359 PESOS https://shopee.prf.hn/l/KL9WZqQ

Just head over to Shopee (shopee.ph/shigetsujp). Don't forget to follow @shigetsujp on Shopee to be notified on deals and promotions and use #OnlineReady #ShieldYourEyes on their social media posts and reviews.

The INSPI apparel highlights their "You Make Me Smile and Mickey Mouse Varsity" shirts. Now, they may be a bit tight on me but I'm pretty sure these will perfectly fit my dad and mom. But I gotta say, I love the quality of their shirt and prints!

INSPI Tees Smile Graphic Tshirt in White - https://shopee.prf.hn/l/rpO1L55
Disney Mickey Mouse M Graphic Tshirt in Navy Blue For Men Inspi Shirt - https://shopee.prf.hn/l/7RLlP4J
The fabric is comfortable and the design jsut really gives a nice vibe. Even though its a bit fit, I can still move freely. These shirts from Inspi are affordable and quality. And if you like the varsity themed Mickey shirt and want to put a smile on someone, I reco you get this for you and for that someone.  Now, if you're wondering where to get these shirts, yep. You know it! You can find them in Shopee. Just key in the search portion, INSPI or INSPISTORE

Or just click here - https://shopee.prf.hn/l/rpOlx0q

MIKANA is a jewelry brand created from traditional crafting techniques expressed into modern designs for your everyday wear. From curating the most shimmering designs that best reflect the spirit and personality of every Mikana Lady.

Mikana  has been releasing themed collection one after the other, from Barbie, BTS, Princesses, Zodiac and so much more. Every collection expresses such style and elegance in more timeless details and most important, each jewelry collection are made affordable for everyone. Jewelry pieces are available in 14k-18k gold, white gold and rose gold well-made to be tarnish-resist and hypoallergenic for everyday wear. 

Now, check out some really nice items that is part of the Valentine's Collection. Definitely a candidate as the Perfect treat for yourself or for your loved one this Love Month. 
Mikana 18k Gold Plated Minori Layered Pendant Necklace Accessories For Women

Check out the other MIKANA Valentine Colelction here. LINK HERE.
Buyers will get up to 50pesos off, min spend of P700 when they use code MIKAFEB2 valid until feb.02 with up to 79% discount. 

I do recommend that you guys get the whole set to have the maximum effect. :) Be sure to follow Mikana shopee.ph/mikanajp on Shopee to be notified on deals and promotions and use #MikanaLady on their social media posts and reviews. 

Complete your underarm beauty regimen with a new formulated intensive whitening underarm cream. Use either the roll-on deo or deo mist at day-time and use the underarm cream at night on clean underarms.
These products are dermatologically tested. All Natural. Cruelty free. No Harmful Chemicals. Key benefits of this is, it's All natural, Intensively whitens, Moisturizes, Smoothens, Lightweight, Non-greasy. 
Get the Organic Skin Japan Intensive Whitening Underarm Kit with Deodorant, Cream and Mist here - https://shopee.prf.hn/l/7xNEZLk

CROWN shirts
Too hard to find a specific color of shirt you want to wear? Don’t worry, Crown offers a wide array of shirt colors and it is recognized by having a good quality materials. From neutral, pastel to bright color? CROWN have those and available at an affordable price. You can wear exactly the color of the tees you want that can fit your personality. 
Buy it here https://shopee.prf.hn/l/61pegJB

So here's what I recommend to you. If you have a soft personality, I recommend Mint Green Round Neck tee, and if  you’re a person who loves dark color, Emerald Green Round Neck” perfectly fits you.
Buy it here https://shopee.prf.hn/l/6PGloZP

In case you want to check available colors, you can find our store by searching the keyword CROWN SHIRT or CROWN TEE or message them for more information! 

Organic is made from 100% pure cotton fibers. Perfect for the modern lifestyle. It's Environmental Friendly, Eco-Friendly and Safe. Compared to your regular clothing which contains Polyester, it is actually the same material which is used to produce plastic. Organic is free from Polyester. 

Superior Craftsmanship Quality. Comfort. Durability. Each shirt is produced with careful attention to detail, using only top grade materials to ensure maximum comfort and durability.
Buy it here https://shopee.prf.hn/l/7QALlwd

Inspi Philippines is a retail company that markets several brands that will holistically inspire and promote a positive outlook in life. INSPI designs, develops, manufactures, and markets its own apparel from newborn to adult. #WearToInspire

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