Most recently seen in the hit Netflix anthology series, The Haunting of Hill House, Oliver Jackson-Cohen now stars in The Invisible Man, a terrifying modern tale of obsession from director-writer Leigh Whannell (Insidious: Chapter 3) and also stars Elisabeth Moss.

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Jackson-Cohen plays Cobalt CEO Adrian Griffin, an extremely wealthy and brilliant scientist, who is as handsome and charming as he is violently abusive. He is obsessed with Cecilia (Moss) and with controlling her…and will stop at nothing to get her back.

At first, he just controlled Cecilia’s time…and who she talked to and when she left the house. Then, it was everything she said. Then, it was everything she thought. And, if he didn’t like what he assumed she was thinking, he would mete out punishment.
Adrian has had a lot of success and has been validated by that, as far as his behavior is concerned. “In the modern world, you get a lot of credit for these achievements,” Whannell says, “and no one is calling you out on how you got there. What I wanted to tap into with him is the narcissism and sociopathy leading to success. It kills him that Cecilia would leave him…that someone would defy him in that way. He has this strong, pathological need to control her, and that’s definitely what’s driving him.”

Oliver Jackson-Cohen says that there were several days where the key team sat in the rehearsal room to process the relationship dynamics. “It was just Lizzie, Leigh and me,” Jackson-Cohen says. “We wanted to show the cycle of what these relationships are about—how people end up back in these relationships, even though they know better. It’s about the pull of what these people do—specifically what Adrian does to hold Cecilia back and get her back where he needs her. Adrian is getting exactly what he wants, which is to see Cecilia suffer and to see her descend into madness.”
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