It's my first time joining the SAMSUNG PASS10N LAB and on this leg is with one of the PH's top spin coaches, Katz Salao who believes in the power of cycling as a way to staying fit. 

PASS10N LAB is a series of workshops organized by Samsung to help the generation of trailblazers and like-minded individuals to take their passion to the next level. This covers entrepreneurship, photography, videography, fitness, and gaming. Those part of the Samsung Members app--an online community of loyal users also got to join health enthusiast Katz Salao for a round of indoor cycling.
I first tried indoor cycling 2 years ago for Uniqlo Sport, so I kind of had an idea what I was getting myself into, I guess was somewhat prepared. I met Katz a year ago during my #MargaritaLovesCointreau campaign and in that 1-year span, I think I've seen her engage more into this healthy lifestyle. 

Hey Katz! What about our margaritas and tequila shots? Ha ha!  Anyways, Salao is juggling careers in radio, hosting, and fitness. I didn't know that Katz has always been active, pursuing gymnastics, ballet, taekwondo, volleyball, and cheerleading since four years old. Today, she is one of the most in-demand pilates and cycling instructors in the metro.

In today's generation, just like Katz, the young ones are go-getter balancing multiple things at once, excelling in their careers while pursuing hobbies and side projects. The demands of doing many things at once require stamina, which can be improved through regular exercise.
For this session of PASS10N Lab, Samsung partnered with one of the in-demand cycling studios in Manila, Ride Revolution, for a fun and hip session of spinning. Ride Revolution’s cycling workouts are designed to work and strengthen the body’s core, tone muscles, and burn maximum calories. I actually had a great time. Coach Katz really had great energy during the session pushing and bouncing the energy inside the studio. 
During the event, they also shared that the Samsung Galaxy S10 is the perfect smartphone to help achieve one’s fitness goals by tracking and monitoring progress through the Samsung Health app. The app lets users set targets, celebrate milestones, and get frequent reminders to get up and move. It can also help track nutrition such as daily calorie and fat intake with Bixby Vision, allowing users to scan their food to calculate and log the information.

Just like how Salao channels her energy to power up and motivate her students during spin classes, the Galaxy S10 also allows users to share battery life through Wireless Powershare. It can charge smartphones and compatible wearables, such as the Galaxy Buds and Galaxy Watch Active, just by placing them against the smartphone.
It also lets the Ride Revolution instructor balance her life as a radio DJ and host. The Galaxy S10 is powered by an 8nm mobile chipset to boost its CPU and GPU performance without using too much battery, which allows Salao to multitask seamlessly. Whether she’s in the studio inspiring others to be fit and active, sharing stories in the radio booth, or going on an adventure, she can stay on top of everything through her device.
Thanks for not killing me Katz!
Now, to be honest, there were some parts during the session when I had to sit down for a couple of seconds to catch my breath and rest my burning legs. But Katz was on fire! I don't think I've seen her stop or pant, she was just going and going! It wasn't easy so RESPECT to those who are doing exercise. The beauty in these sessions is that you don't have to do exactly what the instructor does. Just do your best and push yourself a bit. Coaches are there to motivate you and challenge yourself, coz in the end, it is for your body and your body will thank you for the work that you put into it. With that, let me thank Katz and Samsung for not killing me and my body for not fainting. Ha ha!

Watch Salao share her tips on how to get the most out of a spinning workout on Samsung’s “PASS10N LAB”. To know more, visit
Special shout out to this guy, Pao Oga! Woot!

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