ZooMoo - Edutainment Channel helps raise your kid's Animal Quotient

With the things that are going around in the world today, some unfit stuff and adult contents still reaches the TV of our homes and as we know, these are not safe for our young kids who are usually immersed in the different shows and can freely browse other channels. Even though there may be some kid shows and toddler channels available, some contents still has some violence and is never 100%  a kid-friendly entertainment. Come-in, ZooMoo.

A channel that aims to provide a safe space for your little ones, ZooMoo helps parents provide their preschoolers a more kid-friendly entertainment where kids can learn more about animals and nature. ZooMoo believes that fun and learning go well together. The English-language based media channel nourished children's Animal Quotient (AQ) through its library of shows that captures their attention awaken their imagination. The channel contains 1,500 self-contained shows combining spectacular wildlife footage with a range of puppetry, animations and narrative techniques creating a unique viewing and learning experience for our little viewers.
Officially launched at Zoo Cafe in Vertis North, ZooMoo arranged a panel discussion for parents and guardians on the importance of teaching their kids about animals and nature at an early age. Led by journalist and environmental advocate Gregg Yan and lifestyle television host Kelly Misa-Fernandez, they discussed how parents can help children develop better AQ (Animal Quotient) through different activities they can do at home, and how ZooMoo provides assistance as their kids learn.

The fun-filled morning had kids activities & some interesting animal facts for kids and the adults.
ZooMoo also has a revolutionary App where parents can share their child's viewing experience making it more interactive. It serves as a second screen where parents can allow their children to participate in the immersive world of ZooMoo shows in a tablet or smartphones even away from the home television. Children and parents engage in a world of games, music, puzzles and activities. ZooMoo app is available to download on Google Play and AppStore.
The ZooMoo app's Parent Page offers personalized support for things parents can do with their children to help their learning. With the advent of this new form of programming, ZooMoo helps kids to grow up with a better grasp of the animal world, making them good stewards of this planet.

Now how is this different from other animal channels? well, one defining characteristics of ZooMoo programming is that it aims to improve a child's AQ providing a deeper and more meaningful understanding of different animals and species including their natural habitat, diet, unique traits and other interesting trivia
and I won a 1 year subscription to ZooMoo via my existing SkyCable account. Yey! Too bad though coz I don't have a SKYcable subscription. Hu hu, but who knows, I might have one soon.
ZooMoo's program line up is packaged in an easy to understand format that is fun for both parents and kids. SKYcable subscribers can choose to add ZooMoo (channel 120) to their channel line-up for only P20 per momth via SKYcable Select.

So thanks ZooMoo! Thanks for putting this into our radar. It's nice that there's a channel who's actually looking after the contents for our kids and also helping the environment and offering it to the people at an affordable price! 

Here are more photos during the event
Alex Dizon, Ryan San Juan & Myke Soon
My life :)
Laila, Tricia & Myke
Kezia, Myke & Nix

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