Honey Lemon has arrived in the Philippines!

Honey Lemon, a drink known by many who traveled other parts of Asia especially Korea has finally reached the shores of the Philippines. A drink that's refreshing, healthy and an alternative drink to sodas and other harmful drinks. This is what I learned during the launch held a few days ago.

During the event, they shared the many benefits of the drink. Great as an everyday health beverage, Honey Lemon offers active busy-bodies a delicious and easy way to promote body health and support just when they needed it most: after fasting, relieving hangover in the morning, as well as make them feel good inside-out because of its many health benefits that aid in detoxifying and cleansing the body from within.
Honey Lemon is Dong-A's newest refreshing drink. It is making #nutrilicious (healthy + nutritious) things happen now by being the first and only ready-to-drink honey drink in the Philippines. Naturally sweet, it is made from 100% real honey sourced from Chiak Mountain in South Korea.

Absolutely no caffeine and no preservatives, Honey Lemon's sealed-in "golden: goodness makes it a highly refreshing healthy drink suited especially for young, happy and outgoing people who love to live and experience life to the fullest. Oh and it's even suitable for kids!

Honey Lemon combines the "raw: goodness of honey and lemon in one easy-to-open canned drink. Dubbed as 'healing elixir', the honey and lemon tonic has been widely regarded for its potential health advantages: aid in weight loss boost immune system, improve digestive health, reduce joint / muscle pains and maintain the body's pH balance, among many other wonderful benefits.
A mixologist prepares a crisp Honey Lemon Earl Grey Tea Deduction
Did you guys know that it is also popular as an add-on to teas and other drinks? Like mocktails and even cocktails! Knowing that honey is a natural substitute for sugar that is also famous for its many therapeutic uses, like for treating cough attacks among children and wound healing. In face, honey is one of the oldest food in the world, and it is used as medicine dating as far back as the Stone Age!
Honey Lemon Key Lime Cucumber Tea
Honey Lemon Earl Grey Tea Deduction
Now of course we know the benefits we get from the lemon. The citrusy goodness filled with high levels of Vitamin C and contains trace amounts of B vitamins, potassium and beneficial plan compounds like flavonoids and citric acid that are associated with health benefits like preventing kidney stones, reducing hear diseases and fighting diabetes.
Won Tak Song, Country Manager of Dong-A Pharma Korea with
Amen Say, President of Dong-A Philippines and his wife Karlu.
So, if you want to try this out and reward yourself with something healthy #Nutrilicious, the Honey Lemon drink from Dong-A is available in 250 can at the following stores nationwide: 7-Eleven stores, Mercury Drug, Robinsons Supermarket, Mini-Stop, SM Snack Exchange, Rustan's Shopwise and WalterMart. You can also connect with them via Facebook here.

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