Presotea Now In The Philippines

Tea lovers! Here's something interesting and awesome at the same time. Presotea, this loved Taiwan brand has been making fresh tea drinks since their successful launch in 2006. It may sound so simple to you but it's more than that. The brand has become one of the well-known tea shops in Taiwan and is still growing. Having more than 300 franchise store since its first launch, Presotea is now in Indonesia, Canada, China, Australia and now finally here in the Philippines!
Freshly brewed tea in every serve, Presotea is known for its outstanding management and product quality control. What makes Presotea so special? The tea blends and quality. It originated from a famous fifth-generation old tea factory, I even got an inside info that even this famous international coffee brand gets tea from them.

One thing I noticed is that Presotea doesn't follow conventional tea-brewing method, because they insists to freshly brew the tea by using the espresso-type machine. This New Brewing Technology​ uses high-temperature and high-pressure machine to extract the essence of tea.​ Mix it with some fresh fruits and ingredients and some innovative and unique blends and tea drinks and you got yourself a hit!
I personally believe tea, being the main character of tea drink must be fresh made because only the fresh made tea can bring out the full flavor of fruits and other ingredients. I just think that its awesome that the world best teas all have something to do with the Presotea.
One thing I also noticed is the extensive range that Presotea has, other tea shops has around 2-3 types of teas with them like the basic black tea and green tea. With years of research and development, Presotea earned a good selection of unique tea related beverages to offer to their customers. 
Presotea can also customize your drink, add toppings more sinkers, ice options, adjust sugar level or an option to just liquid stevia. If you don't know what to order, I suggest you take a look at their top 10 drinks. You can choose some tea lattes, fruit teas, fresh teas may it be hot or cold.
The drink I had was Japanese Milk Tea Macchiato w/ Red Bean. It's actually good! You guys should also try PPJ Milk Tea coz it has 3 sinkers, pearl, pudding & jelly. My other recommendation would be the Apple Passion Yakult.
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If you want to have a taste of this amazing tea shop, just head over to 2/L of Robinson's Magnolia. Get updates on their social media
With Reese Querubin, Marketing of Presotea & Chuckie Dreyfus
With Yen Dreyfus

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