Alomah’s Place - Organic Agriculture 2016 Part 2

After our visit on the first farm in Initao, Misamis Oriental (Buhian Diversified Farm), we traveled to Dahilayan, Bukidnon. No, not the adventure park, but something just as nice. In Manolo Fortich Town, Barangay Dahilayan there is a place so nice that you’d want to stay there for a while and just be one with nature.
Alomah’s Place, less than an hour away from Cagayan de Oro. A two-hectare farm / retreat place / camping site / training area or a rest house is owned by Benjohn and Grace Mahistrado. If you’re wondering where did the name Alomah came from, it is the combination of Benjohn and Grace’s last names. Mahistrado and Alombro.
The 2 hectare land was acquired in 2008 and then they developed it into a farm in 2010. This has got to be my favorite farms I've visited. The place had a nice drive way, a parking area and a decent welcoming & dining area. We arrived there in the afternoon just when the sun was about to set. We stayed in one of the huts they have there. This one can fit around 3-4 person depending on the size. It has 2 floors. They also have a tent provided outside if you would want to experience sleeping out. They also had an indoor tent floor on one of the big huts they have there.
The moment we arrived, they offered us the Alomah’s 3 in 1 Fresh herb tea. It included a sprig of Stevia, Mint and Tarragon. You put it in a mug and pout hot water. Let it steep for 5-10 minutes and boom! There’s your tea! I think it can be refilled with hot water up to three times.
After we freshened up (the water was ice cold btw!) we had dinner. The owners joined us and they also shared to us how the Alomah’s Place started. They talked about passion, in farming and their passion for each other. It was indeed a great story of how they started and how they built the farm on how it became how it is now. They learned how to make their land into a better farm and an income generating land after the two trained together at ATI. From their seedlings, to compost, tents for camping and may other. After a while, we headed back to our rooms to get an early rest for we will be touring the farm early morning tomorrow.
It may be a struggle to crawl out of bed early morning but waking up to this is just amazing. The morning breeze, the fresh air and just being up that early morning in that beautiful place. We worked our way down a path until we reach this natural fountain that they have there. Natural because there's no mechanism that's pumping the water up. It's just pressure from the water that flows down to Alomah's Place.
 I don't know but I liked looking at the the fountain so I took more photos of it.
Just beside the small pond and fountain there is a bamboo raft you can ride. There's blogger Nonoy Floresca from TrailsUnlimited. We proceeded to our tour and Benjohn showed us where they grew their lettuce and other products. He also showed us their nursery area where they grow their seedlings. That sayote right there is just something we saw in passing. They have a lot of plants, herbs and other greens on the sides. But the lettuce patch Mr. Mahistrado has is really neat and organized. He harvests them and sells them to commercial market.
The farm is 50% organic. Half of the farm focuses on their main crop which is the lettuce. They have 4 varieties. One that's also picking up on business is their wide selection of herbs. Around 16 varieties of mint and 7 varieties of basil. Since their lettuce production is 100% organic, their lettuces are guaranteed fresh, sweet and crunchy! Alomah's Place is really known for their lettuce and other vegetables.
The landscaping of Alomah is really something. It's beautiful in a way because it has a very nice layout and the place looks really organized. There's also an area for vermiculture, bonfire for gatherings, playground made out of bamboo and camping tent provision for those who would like to experience camping.
Oh and did I mention that they have horses there?! They do! Benjohn is very much into horses and the group I was in was happy that we got to ride them. Benjohn also shared to us that his horses are award winning horses. They've won more than a hundred awards on show competitions national and abroad. Now that's something! He also got his horse and sprinted down the farm and up again like what you see in western movies. It was pretty intense.
One thing I forgot to share during the dinner when the owners was sharing us how they started is that their youngest son, John Diego is now following the footsteps of his dad. John Diego now at 13 years old is giving talks about farming and also teaching interested individuals on the basics of organic farming. He shares how Alomah's Place became what it is now and what they do in the farm. It is actually inspiring to see that the knowledge and passion is being handed down to the younger generation. Because in 15-20 years, who knows, we might not have farmers anymore to feed us. Agriculture is important. We have the land and we have the elements that is needed to be successful in agriculture. We just need to have the right understanding and passion.

After the tour, we headed back to the mess hall to have lunch. The Tanglad (lemon grass) drink they made was so good I took another cup. As for the food. It couldn't get better than that right here. Yum-meh!
Alomah's Place is located at Dahilayan 8703, Manolo Fortich, Bukidnon Province, Philippines +639177153560 / +639088972466 / +639168844374  |  Check them out at Facebook here and here.

If you want more info about Organic Farming and to visit the different ATI assisted learning sites, you may through ATI Regional Training Center. Call 982AGRI (982-2474) for Metro Manila or 1-800-10-982AGRI (1-800-10-9822474) for provincial toll-free calls using PLDT landlines
You can also send them a text message. For Smart and Talk & Text Subscribers, send to 391-DA (391-32). Non-Smart can send a message to 0920-946AGRI (0920-9462474).

More farm photos below.

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