Mocha Ribbon Chip Frappuccino with Cookie Straw!

Here we go! Mocha Ribbon Chip Frap with java chips har har... They also line the cup with Mocha sauce before pouring in the Coffee Frappuccino for a sweet balance. Finishing off with whipped cream. Oh and did I mention, the drinks comes with cookie straw??! Available only for a limited time, July 4 – 10.
Tall – ₱ 185 | Grande ₱ 195 | Venti– ₱ 205

Frappuccino Cookie Straw
Instead of sipping your Frappuccino with a green straw, why not use a rolled sweet wafer biscuit lined with rich chocolate ganache? The cookie straw is light and crispy with a slightly toasted, sweet wafer and chocolate flavor. YUM! 

The cookie straw is available for purchase separately starting July 11 for only ₱ 30

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