Buhian Diversified Farm - Organic Agriculture 2016 Part 1

Just a few minutes from Lagindingan airport at Misamis Oriental is a farm located in initao. The Buhian Diversified Farm who’s major crop is coconut owned and run by Engr. Edgar Buhian and his wife Nemia Penita Buhian. They manage the 1.2 hectare land which has the coconut farm, livestock integration, coconut-cacao nurseries and their coconut processing enterprises. Part of their vision is to be a learning institution in their local area and also showcase their farm as a sustainable coconut farm with organic agricultural practices.
In just a matter of years, they were able to develop coconut-based products that are ready for the local market. Some of their products include VCO (Virgin Coconut Oil), Coconut vinegar, sweet tuba, coco bread, coco jam, coco sugar and many others. So many coco eh? Well I can’t blame them, the coconut tree has a lot of good use and the health benefits of Coconut oil is just amazing.

Just to give you some…
- It helps in easy digestion
- Strengthens immune system
- Prevents & effectively cures candida
- Prevents wrinkles, sagging skin, skin dryness & flaking
- Improves bone health
- Reduces protein loss in hair & nourishes the hair-
- Rich in auric acid that helps maintain blood sugar & cholesterol
- Effective in healing damaged tissues & infections
- Treats pancreatitis & alzheimer’s disease
- Prevents diseases affecting liver & kidney

Here is a link where you can check the 10 uses of coconut trees. 
Since coconut is their bread and butter, aside from the virgin coconut oils, they also have some other coconut products that they also sell. Bocayo, bread, jam and many others.
We also had a quick lunch with the group. The organic food was good and it hit the spot.
Among the many other awards received, the most recent one that Engr. Buhian received is the 2015 Outstanding Coconut Farmer of the Gawad Saka Awards. Of course all of these success didn’t come easy. Engr. Bhutan used to be with DENR when he inherited the land from his parent. He nurtured the place and never stopped thinking of ways to improve the ecosystem on the farm. He now has 49 tall trees and 169 varieties of dwarf trees.
One thing that stuck with me that Nemia Buhian was sharing which also made her sad is that other farmers & locals with lands, didn’t bother staying in their land to improve it. They didn’t want to become farmers. Most of them went to the city to become tricycle drivers and work other jobs instead of cultivating and nurturing the land that they have and become farmers. That’s where ATI (Agricultural Training Institute) comes in. They help farmers grow their crops and business. They have trainings and they also lend support to other farmers who are interested to put up a better one. Buhian Diversified farm is one of the learning sites in Mindanao that is good for training. 
They are also into the business of copra, charcoal production and now poultry production. He has some native chicken but only for personal consumption. They have a duck farm, they raise geese, turkey, and native goats. They also have honey bee production. They also have Florida Oyster Mushroom that they grow and harvest weekly. They also have assorted Vegetable production. Since business was doing good,they were able to purchase trucks and vehicles from farming and transport. They also were able to put up buildings to accommodate virgin coconut oil production. 
A supporter of organic farming, the Buhian Diversified Farm recycles farm wastes and non-biodegradable plastic bottles, containers and tires. They use whatever they can to plant vegetables such as Chinese pechay, bell pepper, ginger, cherry tomato, eggplant, lettuce, and many others. In the farm you can see a lot of coconut shells being used on the crops and trees for moisture. The farm is also adopting to vermi-composting and makes income for chicken dung.

The Buhian Diversified Farm is an ATI model farm. They have a “Farm Business School” here where guests can learn about farming through farm visits and trainings.
Mr. & Mrs. Buhian is a living proof that there is money in coconuts and farming. Everything in a coconut you can make use of and earn a profit. Support it with other crops and livestocks then your farm can sustain itself. The 1.2 Hectare land that they have in Buhian Diversified farm can earn a little more than a million in a year. Yes, there's money in farming! You also get better nutrition, your food is free from poison, enhanced taste and has a longer shelf life. 

Buhian Diversified Farm is located at P-9, Poblacion, Initao, Misaims Oriental. You may get in touch with the Farm Owner Nemia Penita Buhian through 0905-5616655. You may also email them at ednepethcoconuts@yahoo.com or look for them on Facebook, Nemia Penita A Buhian.

If you want more info about Organic Farming and to visit the different ATI assisted learning sites, you may through ATI Regional Training Center. Call 982AGRI (982-2474) for Metro Manila or 1-800-10-982AGRI (1-800-10-9822474) for provincial toll-free calls using PLDT landlines

You can also send them a text message. For Smart and Talk & Text Subscribers, send to 391-DA (391-32). Non-Smart can send a message to 0920-946AGRI (0920-9462474).

More farm photos below.

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