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Young adventurers take on thrill-seeking travel in Cebu Pacific Juan for Fun 2016

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Cebu Pacific Juan For Fun is back again this year and even bigger! Now on its fifth year, Cebu Pacific still brings non-stop thrill and excitement to the travel junkie students and all for free. Cebu Pacific has chosen five teams to this once-in-a-lifetime back packing escapade all in the run to become the ultimate backpackers and also take home the biggest prize yet!

So what is the prize? Well, it's a Travel-All-You-Can pass. This entitles each member to as many free flights to domestic and international short-haul destination as they want within one year! Now how about that for a prize. If only I have that, I think that I will be traveling twice a month! Winners will also receive additional travel gears and other prizes.
In 7 days, they have to take on as many exciting experiences and daring discoveries within their given travel allowance worth P35,000. That is for the whole 7 days. As for the destinations, they battled it out during the press conference in a game called Juander Games. (Witty). Here they competed in a question and answer portion, those who gets to press the button first, gets to choose any domestic destination they want.
They can visit the country’s renowned tourist spots including heritage sites, churches, and parks, sample scrumptious local delicacies, and get to know the locals. Cebu Pacific also tapped celebrity travel enthusiasts to make the adventure more awesome and to also guide and provide advice to the teams. First time coaches Saab Magalone and TV Robi Domingo will be joining returning coaches from previous year. Musician Champ Lui Pio, Internet Star Bogart the Explorer and travel writer Jude Bacalso. The coaches will not be joining the trip by they will stay in touch and cheer for their respective teams through social media.
Robi Domingo, Bogart the Explorer, Candice Iyog -VP for Marketing of Cebu Pacific,
Saab Magalona, Jude Bacalso & Champ Lui Pio
Candice Iyog -Cebu Pacific VP for Marketing
Ms. Candice Iyog shared that they are excited to see where the teams are going and the places that they are visiting. They did have comments and inquiries on why not open the competition to working professionals, but Ms. Iyog said "It would also be nice to have that but we would like to give the opportunity to the students who doesn't have the means to travel as often as they would want. Also, more important is that giving the students the experience of traveling and exploring on their own. We believe that that is something priceless that we can give to these students"

As for me... Hi Saab! :)

- - -

Meet the Juan Backpackers!
Juan For Fun 2016 Team Juan
Representing Bacolod is #JFFJUANTeamPH composed of Glenn Layola, Audrey Ramos, and John Ray Blance of La Salle Bacolod. Partnered with Coach Robi, this team shared that they are raring to explore more of Visayas and Mindanao. “We would like to explore wonderful beaches and do extreme sports, like one of Asia’s longest ziplines in Lake Sebu, South Cotabato,” said Glenn. 
Juan For Fun 2016 Team Pablo
Hailing from Tuguegarao, Brendan Tangan, Linus Pagulayan, and Cherson Bariuan of St. Paul University Philippines make up #JFFTeamPablo. With Adventure Coach Saab as their guide, these student leaders believe that their enthusiasm to serve other people, strong friendship, and strong personalities will lead them to victory. “Our motto is, ‘There is no certainty. There is only adventure,’” added Linus. 
Juan For Fun 2016 Team Pura
Engineering students from De La Salle University, Marie Tuason, Karlo Carranza, and Samantha Rice are #JFFTeamPura. They are excited to have Bogart the Explorer as their adventure coach, especially Marie who is a true-blue Davaoeña herself. The trio said that should they win the Travel-All-You-Can passes, they will visit a new destination every two weeks. “We’ve already made a bucket list which includes Siargao, Palawan, Tawi-Tawi and Boracay because of their magnificent beaches, Bohol, because we want to see the Chocolate Hills, and Naga City because of its rich Philippine historical sites,” shared Samantha. 

Juan For Fun 2016 Team Tag
Patricia Quintero, April Baldovino, and Gian Nicdao of University of the Philippines-Manila are #JFFTeamTAG. Throughout their seven days of adventure, they vow to always have fun, be in the moment, and do their best to be the ultimate champs, with the help of their adventure coach, Champ. Their ideal itinerary should they win the ultimate prize? “Breakfast in Cebu (let’s face it: lechon is the way to go!), have lunch in Palawan (for some seafood and vitamin sea), head to Bohol to burn all the food we ate, and cap the day in Boracay,” added Patricia. 
Juan For Fun Team Work
#JFFTeamWork is composed of Serge Calumpong of Ateneo de Davao, April Nacion of University of Southeastern Philippines, and Jaysson Presores of the University of Mindanao. They are excited to be partnered with adventure coach and fellow Bisaya, Jude. Close since they were in high school, the trio said joining Juan for Fun would be an exciting adventure and an ultimate test of friendship. “We know that there will be no dull moments when we are together,” shared April. “We would do our best to encourage one another and, of course, mag-lingaw-lingaw pag-ayo (enjoy everything)!” 

The Cebu Pacific Juan for Fun Backpacker Challenge 2016 has Boreas Gear as the official travel gear, Merrel as the official footwear, and GoPro as the official camera. The challenge is also supported by Wenger and Dan’s, and endorsed by the Department of Tourism and Commission on Higher Education.

For more information,, and following the Juan for Fun ( or Cebu Pacific Twitter (@CebuPacificAir) pages.

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