[Food] Unit 27 Bar+Cafe Now Serves Pancakes, Waffles, Steaks and more for Breakfast!

Mornings can be do a lot to a person. It can be that 'ughhh' feel when you struggle out of bed or it can be a setup for an amazing day ahead. At Unit 27 Bar+Cafe, take party seriously, they also take breakfast seriously. They offer amazing choices and great breakfast selections for you to help kickstart the crazy day ahead. 

the place has a New York-ish style with an amazing ambiance to go with, the place is spacious and definitely Instagram worthy. There you can find a place where you can just sit quietly in the corner and read the morning's paper or be with your officemates or friends for breakfast.
From pancake to waffles, steak or rice meals, muffins and more, the place is perfect for any craving, it be breakfast or after-party comfort food.

So many good choices they have there! Argghhh! But let me share with you the one I ordered. The Creamy Truffled Chicken & the Steak and Eggs. The Creamy Truffled Chicken used to be off-the-menu, but since everyone has been ordering this non-stop, so they included it in the menu. The comfort food level in this dish is 10! Definitely a must try I tell you.

Steak & Eggs is one of the best sellers on their rice meal selection. Very tender and juicy steak on rice and mashed potato topped with a runny egg. That's breakfast right there. Definitely will hit the spot.

Unit 27 Bar+Cafe serves all-day brunch and hosts all-night parties. Located at the 26th street corner Icon Plaza Building, 7th Avenue, Bonifacio Global City. Breakfast starts at 8AM. 

Unit 27 Bar+Cafe
For inquiries or reservations, please call: 894-1692  |  0917-8868853
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