A Visit to Cafe Yagam Baguio


Summer is not yet over! While others are hitting the beach, me and with other blogger friends were invited to join the Azalea Group Getaway. This time, we are visiting the Azalea Hotels and Residences Baguio! It has been a while since I visited the summer capital of the Philippines and I don't recall much of what happened and the places I visited then, but I'm feeling positive about this trip.

We left Manila around 0630 and arrived around 1045. Travel was fast considering the number or stopovers we did. After having a quick lunch at their restaurant, Tradisyon. Checked-in then we headed to our rooms to rest for a bit and then headed to our first destination, Cafe Yagam. (More about the room and Azalea Baguio on my next posts)

Located just less than 5 minute ride from Azalea Baguio (you can even walk going there) Cafe Yagam is a laid back cafe that serves good Cordilleran food and great coffee. 

Before you enter the cafe, you will see people just below the steps picking out some beans. When I asked what she was doing, she shared that she was picking out the bad and damaged beans. I asked what will they do after the pick out the bad ones and the women there shared that these beans are actually for export to Japan. They just buy the beans here and the Japanese roasts it themselves. I also found out that the beans came from Sablan Plantation, just beside La Union.

The place is quite spacious and has that chill vibe where one can just hangout, read a book, and relax. There was a lounge area there that I can't seem to find the photo. The photo below is just one part of the place.  

Some of us stayed outside. (Photo grabbed from Ruth Dela Cruz) We were just there for snacks, they served us with some of their best sellers. That suman looking snack right there is called Inanchila, a Kalinga Sticky Rice. That Biko looking treat is what they call Kiniwar which is also sticky rice. It is best enjoyed with bukayo and tagapulot? or Ladek (the white stuff) which is made out of coconut and sugar. Ofcourse don't forget about their coffee. Cordillera's Arabica coffee is the best!

The snack that stood out for me was this Pesto sandwich. It was really good!

Cafe Yagam is located at 25 J. Felipe St., Gibraltar Baguio City 
(0921) 256-5677 | (0946) 455-0364  |  11:00AM to 11:00PM Everyday 
Check out their FB here.

Check out their menu below.

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