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I don't know why but when I am looking for low rare rates, I always find comfort in booking my flights via Air Asia . When I bought my wife in Boracay was via Air Asia,  we didn't have any problem with our flights and luggage. Schedule was on time and their check-in process using their kiosks a the airport was really convenient, we didn't have to line-up!

A few days before Christmas, together with some bloggers, we got invited to travel together to check out this new hotel in Boracay - Azalea. Thanks Melo of Out of Town Blog for the opportunity. 

I didn't have photos of the travel buddies so I'm grabbing photos from their blogs, Haha! :) Thanks Ruth! We seem to be missing a photo of Melo inside the plane. :) Here's Ruth of, Rodel of, Pax of, Paul of, and Ana of

If you notice our headrest, it is read compared to other seats in the plane. We're actually seated in the first few rows of the plane. These hot seats have bigger leg room and more convenient of course  in going on and off of the plane, so thanks for that Air Asia!

Apparently I'm not the only one who's taking photos of themselves. I'm not vain or anything but I'm just showing you guys where I am seated.

Oh and If you're flying via Air Asia, I recommend that you download the AirAisa mobile app. Via this app, you can get more than the usual booking your flight the last minute. You can also get surprise promos and exclusive deals for the app users. 

This app is also useful to avoid the hassle of queuing at the airport, because here you can check in via that AirAsia app and get your e-boarding pass on your smartphones for those with no check-in baggage. You can go directly proceed to your boarding gate. How's that for convenience?

Oh and if ever you are hungry on board, The Philippines AirAsia has new inflight meals on board. The range is quite impressive I might say.

Their dishes are of ASEAN flavours such as Bangus Sisig, Nasi Lemak, Chicken Rice, Beef Caldereta and Adobo. Those who are watching their calories, they can order the new Vegetarian Chickpea Curry of the classic Maan's Pasta Arabiata. Rice meals, Sandwiches and a variety of sweets and cakes and chocolate chip cookies from as low as P80 for on-board purchase and discounted for pre-booked. Pre-booking saves customers up to 20% as compared to purchasing meals on board.

As usual, air traffic had a bit of a problem, not the airline's fault. But when we took off, our flight was quick, roughly around 40 minutes and we were in Kalibo! Smooth landing and friendly staff. :) For more updates on AirAsia, connect with them FB: AirAsiaPhilippines, Twitter: AirAsiaPh , IG: AirAsiaPH, Viber Public Chat: AirAsiaPh

We have arrived! Meet the gang who's going to invade Azalea Boracay! Shot by Melo using his GoPro. Check out more of our Azalea adventure on my blog and see why it's one of the nicest place to stay in Boracay.

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