Unboxing the Starbucks Moleskine 2016 Planner


Not much to unbox here really. No box, no pens, no fancy bookmark or pins, but get this, this year's planner is in partnership with Moleskine. Now how about that? Available in four colors, green and white for the bigger one, weekly planner and the red and black for the smaller classic moleskine daily planner. Here is the size comparison.

Wifey got the white and I went for smaller black one. First up, the white one.

The white colored planner has an imprint of the signature Starbucks logo on the cover and a rubber strap to hold it together. The specially designed planner has a nice touch touch on the first page, in the in case of loss section, it says there "As a reward ______ cups of Starbucks Coffee". You can also see an extensive list of the owner's information on the next page. Local Philippine holidays are also there for reference.

One thing I noticed there is that every other page seem to have some locally inspired designs.

The weekly calendar looks like this with a portion for notes on the right. On every start of the month, owner can also see a nice monthly calendar look.

I also took shots of the monthly quotes and message. From mission vision, to what inspire's Starbucks' partners. You can see there what they thin about Starbucks, what being a partner means to them, how long they have worked in Starbucks and their favorite drink. Really inspiring.

The new planners still has vouchers which you can use throughout the year. :)

The insides of the daily planner basically the same look on the first few pages with the weekly planner and the monthly break pages/ The daily is just thicker well because one page is allotted per day. The month calendar is basically the same too!

They also have some nice designs watermarked on some pages.

So there you go! A quick guide on the new Starbucks Moleskine 2016 Planner! :)

Oh and btw, you can also get a cool bookmark when you flip over the inspire belt band of the planner. :) Nice one Starbucks x Moleskin! :)

Every redeemed planner comes a donation to their partner NGO. (www.teachforthephilippines.orgwww.petatheater.com ) For a full mechanics on how to get the Starbucks Moleskin 2016 Planner, check out this link www.mixofeverything.net/2015/10/starbucks-moleskine-2016-planner.html.

More about the Starbucks Christmas 2015 here.

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  1. This is not representative of a Moleskine product at all. The paper on these planners are too thin. I guess that is why it is free.

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