VIBER adds wonderball to its game portfolio


New Pachinko-pinball style puzzle game promises hours of fun and interaction among Viber friends and contacts 

Following the launch of Viber Games in February and the recent acquisition of Nextpeer, a leading provider of a cross-platform social layer for mobile game developers, Viber announces the addition of Wonderball to its game portfolio.

Developed by Moon Active, this Pachinko pinball-style puzzle game invites players to join the Viber gang on their bouncy journey to Wonderland. 

As players bounce alongside Viber’s furry friends Legcat, Eve, Rocco and Freddie through hundreds of levels, they can unlock exciting new worlds. The game is free to download and allows users to connect with their Viber friends and contacts to see who can achieve the highest score. The ability to brag about achievements, send gifts to friends, and even request new lives when you run out, all add to the social nature of the game. The intuitive mobile interface, which employs swiping to aim and tapping to shoot, ensures the game is simple to play, yet challenging to master.

Gameplay Features: 
Blue pegs unleash special power ups 
Each ball you get in the bucket rewards you with an extra move 
Special combo shots reward you with bonus points and free balls 
User boosters and special power ups help you through challenging levels 
Compete with your Viber friends and reach the top of the leaderboards! 

Viber Games launched earlier this year and has attracted millions of players worldwide. As further commitment to its gaming platform, Viber recently announced the acquisition of Next peer, a leading provider of a cross-platform social layer for mobile game developers. Both companies shared the objective of bringing social gaming experiences to mobile players. The partnership has delivered a powerful social platform for developers and aims to connect mobile players all over the world.

Viber Games, including Wonderball, Viber Pop, Viber Candy Mania, and Wild Luck Casino, are now available for iPhone, iPad, and Android phones and tablets, with more games to be added to the platform soon.

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