Universal Studios Singapore Puss in Boots Giant Journey

The adventure onboard the world’s first suspended roller coaster themed after the Puss In Boots franchise begins in the ruins of the Giant’s Castle, located at the end of Romeo Drive.
Take flight onboard Puss In Boots’ Giant Journey at Universal Studios Singapore World’s First Puss In Boots Suspended Roller Coaster launched today

SINGAPORE, 8 APRIL 2015 – Hola Amigos! Universal Studios Singapore debuted today Puss In Boots’ Giant Journey, the world’s first suspended roller coaster themed after the franchise. Guests embarked on a larger-than-life adventure with everyone’s favourite feline, Puss In Boots. The launch of the new ride headlines the theme park’s fifth anniversary celebrations, with more exciting events coming up in the year.

At the Far Far Away themed zone, the Giant’s Castle sits ruined, entwined within a giant beanstalk. The quest, nine lives in the making, begins here as Puss In Boots and Kitty Softpaws go in search of the precious golden eggs in a bid to save San Ricardo’s Orphanage, which has fallen on hard times. Guests will join in the legendary exploits of Puss In Boots as they take off on an anti-gravity swashbuckling flight.

Mr John Hallenbeck, Senior Vice President of Attractions at Resorts World Sentosa, said: “The launch of the much-anticipated Puss In Boots’ Giant Journey ride gives guests yet another reason to come celebrate Universal Studios Singapore’s fifth birthday with us.”

The launch of Puss In Boots’ Giant Journey today headlines Universal Studios Singapore’s fifth anniversary celebrations.

He added that, “The overwhelming response to The Dance for the Magic Beans live street show, which premiered last September, is telling of the popularity that Puss In Boots enjoys in this region. Families and thrill-seekers alike can now ‘Ride the Movies’ onboard this new attraction, which brings to life the characters and adventures of Puss In Boots.”

DreamWorks Animation’s Global Head of Location Based Entertainment, Mr Yoshi Maruyama said: “We are continually working to provide new and immersive brand engagements for a global audience and the Puss In Boots’ Giant Journey attraction is sure to deliver yet another wonderful fan experience.”

Onboard one of Humpty Alexander Dumpty’s latest flying machines, guests set off from the Giant’s kitchen in search of the legendary golden eggs. The mission runs into trouble when they are spotted by a Tattletale gosling who alerts the Great Terror of their presence in the castle. Once exposed, riders are rocketed through plenty of twists and turns as they are pursued by the Great Terror, who turns out to be one big Mama Goose!

Come join Puss In Boots and Kitty Softpaws as you ride onboard Humpty Alexander Dumpty’s
latest Flying Machine, each seating 9 guests.
Telling an original tale with 23 animatronics characters, the approximately two-minute ride will provide guests thrills and excitement with sensations of flight and anti-gravity as they navigate their way to through the castle on their mission. After the adventure ends, Puss In Boots merchandise exclusive to the park are also available for guests to bring home the memories.

Puss In Boots, who originally appeared in the Shrek franchise, rose to stand-alone fame in October 2011 with his first hit movie, claiming critical and commercial success. Universal Studios Singapore is currently home to the largest collection of DreamWorks Animation film-based attractions across two themed zones – Far Far Away and Madagascar.

To reserve special packages and passes to Universal Studios Singapore, guests can make bookings via authorised travel agents, www.rwsentosa.com/uss, or by calling their hotline at +65 6577 8899.

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