Fun Facts about the Puss in Boots Giant Adventure in Universal Studios Singapore



About Tattletale
Tattletale has always been unique among his fellow gosling siblings. With a watchdog attitude and an extra loud honk, he stands out from the usual cooing and chirping in the nest. But his mother, also known as the Great Terror, loves him all the same and will stop at nothing to protect him and her other babies.

Look out for this brand new character in Puss In Boots’ Giant Journey, and try not to let him spot you, Puss or Kitty! Tattletale will join the stable of characters in the Puss In Boots franchise, and can be seen only at Universal Studios Singapore!

About Humpty Alexander Dumpty’s latest flying machines
The flying machines in this ride are the handy works of Humpty Alexander Dumpty. As a part-time inventor and talented designer, he has been experimenting and building contraptions including his latest model which you will take to the top of the castle. Each Flying Machine comes equipped with a Golden Egg Retriever on the back as well as giant beanstalk leaves that can unroll to provide shelter for its dwellers, amongst other features. Each machine comes with a unique name:

 Cat Copter
 Gosling Glider
 Puss’s Prop Plane
 Humpty’s Helicopter
 Jack and Jill’s Jalopy
 Kitty’s Kite Cruiser
 Magic Bean Airship

Facts & Figures
 Puss In Boots’ Giant Journey features 12 scenes, telling an original tale.
 The ride last approximately 2 minutes over a track length of about 0.5 km
 The maximum speed of the ride is 36km/h.
 There are a total of 23 animatronics characters in the ride.
 Each Flying Machine can seat 9 guests (3 rows of 3).
 The ride took more than 2 years to design, engineer and produce.
 Guests will experience anti-gravity sensations in 4 zones throughout the ride.
 The minimum height to ride is 100cm, and is 122cm to ride unaccompanied.

Read more about the new Universal Studios Attraction on the link provided below.

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