Protect, hydrate and nourish skin with new Suncelle


Summer is here! While this season brings heaps of outdoor fun, over exposure to the sun may burn and dehydrate your skin, which could lead to wrinkles, age spots or even skin cancer. 

Now, there’s a new skin product that provides protection against sunburn and dehydration while nourishing your skin to keep it looking soft and youthful.

New Suncelle Sunblock Face & Body Lotion, exclusively distributed by Tupperware Brands Philippines, is especially made to provide the ultimate skin care protection. It has SPF 30 that gives 97% defence against the sun’s harmful UV rays. Its unique Collagen Protect System prevents skin ageing caused by too much sun exposure. It is also blended with the richness of vitamin E that helps maintain skin’s moisture.

Suncelle’s new and improved formulation is non-greasy and dermatologically suitable for all types of skin. Plus, its water-resistant base keeps skin protected even after taking a dip in the waters. Now, you can say goodbye to the sticky afterfeel, skin irritation and hassle of sunscreen reapplication every after swimming! 

To give your skin enough time to absorb the sunscreen, apply Suncelle Sunblock Lotion at least 30 minutes before stepping out or going into the water. If you will be under the sun for a long period of time, reapply every 2 hours or more frequently.

Have a fun and safe summer with Suncelle!

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