Vita Coco is Now in the Philippines!


Coconut water has gained a loyal following in the US, for us here in the Philippines, well we are used to it and sometimes we take for granted the benefits of this drink. Coconut water is a low-calorie and electrolyte-rich beverage that is now becoming a favorite of celebrities, models and pro-athletes. Coconut water has become the beverage of choice amongst health conscious consumers and foodies. 

The Vita Coco brand is being distributed by Century Pacific Food Inc. Manufacturer and distributor of our favorite tuna, Century Tuna. Vita Coco will soon be available in supermarkets and convenience stores. 

The US brand has recently launched at the hottest beach destination in the country, Boracay. The brand is excited that they are here in the Philippines. "We make sure that we produce the purest and most healthy coconut waters. Carefully picking young coconuts and immediately sealing it in tetra packs. We're excited to offer that to Filipinos" said Jeff Rubenstein who is the Senior Vice President for Marketing of Vita Coco.

We Filipinos have been buying coconut water in the streets from our friendly vendors. This time, They know that the Filipinos enjoy the purest of coconut water anytime, anywhere. Not only that the Vita Coco brand is delicious, it hydrates and has good sets of replenishment properties.

The president of Century Pacific Foods Inc Mr. Chris Po said "It has been a privilege to have been chosen by Vita Coco to distribute this all-natural drink. Filipinos can enjoy the purest coconut water anytime, anywhere-no need to crack a coconut. It is freshly sealed and packed with no shortage of health benefits"

Unlike other coconut water brands, Vita Coco uses only the freshest coconut water. It has now become synonymous with fresh coconut water and is one of the most sought-after products in the beverage aisle. Madonna likes it so much that she invested in the brand last 2010 along with Matthew McConaughey, Demi Moore and Anthony Kiedis. Other celebs who are fans of the Vita Coco, coconut water are Halle Berry, Kevin Bacon, Kerry Washington, Sarah Jessica Parker and so many more!

Vita Coco has other flavors abroad, but right now Vita Coco will be launching the pure unflavored coconut water initially here in the Philippines. 

Vita Coco is now available in 330ml Tetra Prisma Pack with a re-sealable cap at all leading convenience and retail stores in the country, including 7-11, Rustan’s, and Shopwise with a suggested retail price of P35. Not bad for something that is healthy and refreshing right?

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