Ex-Navy SEAL Joel Lambert hunted down by Pinoy Scout Rangers in Discovery Channel new Series MANHUNT.


Former Navy SEAL and escape and evasion expert Joel Lambert is on an ultimate real-life chase against the world’s most elite military and law enforcement tracking teams. Manhunt is this exciting TV show from Discovery Channel.

I joined the advance screening of Discovery Channel at Greenbelt attended by Joel Lambert himself. Ranger members were also present during the screening.

The main goal of the show Manhunt is to capture Joel. These highly trained tracking units can use any assets available to them in a real world manhunt. Joel, on the other hand, will only be provided with minimal supplies to survive like basic survival kit and his wits. Should he need anything else, he must search for along the way. 

Joel's drop locations are in the Philippines, South Korea, South Africa, United States, Poland and Panama. He will have a head start and has 48 hours to reach a pre-determined extraction point that only he knows. Every week, different hunter force agency will be on his trail and different terrain and wildlife will be Joel's playground.

So where does the Philippines come in the program?  Well the last episode was shot in the Mt. Sta. Rita in Subic, Zambales, Philippines, where Lambert was hunted down by members of the Philippine Army's elite trackers, the Scout Rangers, headed by Lt. Jerson Jurilla.

Lamber said that the episode in the Philippines proved to be the most difficult. "As far as doing the series, the most difficult episode by far was here in the Philippines. The Scout Rangers were one of the most competent and difficult opponents I faced, and the jungle around Subic was the worst I have ever been. It completely was not I anticipated. My plan didn't work... It was really, really miserable,".

Lambert shared with the media that he cussed more in the Philippines compared to the episodes in other countries. He said that our forest was so thick and was dense that it was difficult to go around and maneuver his way through the forest.

The Philippines had an advantage because Lt. Jurilla said that they were able to catch Lambert  despite his expertise in escape and evasion because they know the Subic jungle like their own back yard.

Lambert also expressed his respect and admiration to our Philippine ranges and was also asked if he would be willing to take on Lt. Jurilla's team again if given chance...  Lambert said yes.

Joel and the Philippines Army Scout Rangers
Discovery Channel's new non-fiction program, Manhunt, which will air every Monday at 8 p.m. starting April 7. Catch the excitement in this extreme version of hide-and-seek. The hunt is on.

Here's me catching Joel Lambert. (shiny)

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