Cheezify and Baconize Anything You Want at KFC!

KFC Cheezified Baconized
Ever thought of having anything Cheezify and Baconize? Well, KFC is way ahead of you as they roll out their latest campaign. It's Cheezify and Baconize Anything You Want at KFC!

Yeap, I was there at the official launch ans we were there to first thy the items that was cheezified and baconized. Indeed cheese and bacon has come a very long way and anything that these two ingredients touches, turns into an addiction.

KFC Cheezified Baconized

I personally think that no everything can be cheezified and baconized, but it really depends on your adventurous side. Being the crowd pleaser these two (bacon and cheese), will somehow justify that everything will be better with cheese and bacon.

KFC Cheezified Baconized

Arrived at the place and there they displayed their items that are cheezified and baconized. Through Cheezy Bacon Fest, customers now can satisfy their cheese and bacon cravings. I was asked on what I'd like to be cheezified and baconized and a lot of KFC items just went through my mind. First up was the chicken and it didn't stop there.

KFC Cheezified BaconizedKFC Cheezified Baconized

Best sellers such as the KFC Rice Bowl and Pasta Bowl are also cheezified and baconized, I think these two will be one of the early favorites. Other items which is to be cheezified and baconized is the Twister, Chik’n Fillet, Bucket of Fries and the Zinger—yes, THE Zinger! (tried it, loved it)

KFC Cheezified Baconized

The classic Mashed Potato can also now be enjoyed with cheese sauce and bacon bits as toppings. Aside from these products, KFC Fans can cheezify and baconize ANY of their favorites for an additional price.

KFC Cheezified BaconizedKFC Cheezified BaconizedKFC Cheezified BaconizedKFC Cheezified Baconized

So, why don't you make your meals and snacks extraordinary by adding cheese and bacon. When KFC said everythin, I think they strongly believe that mean anything. So what are you waiting for? Cheezify and baconize your KFC favorites at your nearest KFC store now!

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