Pismo. Your Digital Lifestyle Shop.

Pismo Digital Store Everyone is a techie nowadays. With new gadgets coming out every month, new shops are also opening just to keep up with the demands of people.

I stumbled upon this new gadget shop in Shangrila East Wing called PISMO. The place looks clean, green and mean (in terms of the brands that they carry) lots of gadgets from different brands displayed for you to try before you buy. What I noticed is that they not only sell gadgets but also the accessories that goes with it.

Pismo Digital StorePismo Digital Store

The place is more like a digital lifestyle shop on where you can get the best and latest gears for your active online / digital life.

Pismo Digital StorePismo Digital Store You can play around and test these gadgets that are in display and ask more detailed queries from their knowledgeable staff regarding the product that your interested in and they'd be happy to assist you.

The store is an authorizes dealer of various products:
Smartphones and tablets - Apple, Samsung, Sony, Blackberry, HTC, Lenovo.
Bags - Cambride Satchels, Minofold, BlueLounge, Nomadic and Sweetch

Pismo Digital Store Pismo Digital Store Pismo Digital StorePismo Digital Store

Audio - Bowers and Wilkins, Monster, Parrot by Phillippe Starck, Atomic Flloyd, Jaybird and Blue Aura.
Accessories - Beyzacases, Aston Martin, Maserati, Evouni, Elago, Zenus and more products coming soon!
Pismo Digital Store

The have an ongoing promo right now, the Green Tag Sale from September 12-30, 2013. Lots of discounts and saving on this sale.
Pismo Digital StorePismo Digital Store

Check them out at the 6th level of Shangrila East Wing. Open daily from 11am to 9pm. Drop them a call at 9423249 and 09178281172 or email them at edsashangri-la@pismodigital.com

For more info, visit their site www.pismodigital.com, like them on Facebook and follow them on twitter @PismoDigital

Will post a review soon on some of their products. So who wants some giveaways? Hit the comments below and let's ask Pismo for some cool stuff up for grabs. :)

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