Experience Ballroom Dancing at its best! Only at Manila Hotel.

Manila Hotel Ballroom Dance

Manila Hotel opens its doors to ballroom dancers all over the metro. May it be samba to tango, enthusiasts should would enjoy at the hotel's most elegant floor and historic place. Early this month, they opened their doors to their hotel patrons and officially opened the iconic Maynila Ballroom to around 200 guests who are in their best black-and-white outfit for the ballroom dancing occasion.

Manila Hotel Ballroom Dance

It was my first time in that part of the Manila Hotel and I was surprised on how it look. It looked so elegant and beautiful which is really fit for ballroom dancers. Ballroom dancing has been considered as a sport and an art form and I would have to agree, seeing the dancers perform justified my frustration in dancing. :) Dance instructor are also there at your disposal.

Check out videos below of dance numbers by professional ballroom dancers.

What I was able to realized during the event is that aside from it being a dance and sport, ballroom dancing is also about class and culture, and having it at the grandest venue in Maynila Ballroom just makes it all worth the trip.

Manila Hotel Ballroom Dance

Looking at the place, it is the only multi-levelled ballroom in the country offering a really good ambiance and sophistication. From the beautiful staircase, hand-painted ceiling and the capiz chandelier. All the works is there! They also have five-meter high hand-carved narra arches, multi-colored Tiffany bay windows and indoor water fountains. Awe-mazing!

Manila Hotel Ballroom DanceManila Hotel Ballroom Dance

Have the most joyful experience at the Maynila Ballroom in class, sophistication and glamour. “Dancing at the Maynila” opened its doors each month starting September 13, 2013 at 7 pm. For inquiries and ticket reservations, please contact Rain Dela Rea via 527 0011 local 1383. For updates and promos, visit www.Facebook.com/ManilaHotel or via Twitter at @ManilaHotel. For hotel booking requirements, visit www.Manila-Hotel.com.ph.

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