Neltex PVC Pipes, most efficient pipe maker in the Philippines. Bingo Event Coverage

Last week, I got invited to this bingo event by Neltex. Its actually my first time attending any bingo event this big, and when I say big, really big. Not just in terms of prizes (four cars!),

also in attendance. They have like 3,000 partners in attendance there. So I was there, I didn't know what it was until I stopped and asked and then understood what it is about this Neltex.

Neltex is a pipe brand that is known in the industry as DURABLE and AFFORDABLE. Neltex has a series of high-impact PVC pipes that doesn't just meet the standards but also surpasses the test for impact strength and tensile strength. I mean I was there, and tried hammering on one of the pipes there.

That's me, that's my mark. I hit the pipe so hard and it didn't break nor crack. (Amazing!) They say they have been touring this kind of activity to show customers their pipe quality.

NELTEX Guard series high - impact uPVC pipes not only meet the standard results but SURPASSING the tests for Izod Impact Strength and Tensile Strength

NELTEX DEVELOPMENT CO. INC. is the pioneer in the manufacture of PVC Pipes. For 55 years, they have earned the reputation of being the No. 1 in the industry and is going strong moving towards the future. Neltex ensures they maintain leadership in the business and in the markets they operate.

Look at these bingo players, I wonder who among them will win those cars. :)

The event started with a  prayer, an opening remarks from one of their executives and Neltex's Gwiyomi jingle.

Neltex representatives shares to us that as the pipes may be 3% of the total cost of your dream home or property, but improper selection of the right pipe and this 3% will ruin your 97% dream. Not only does Neltex offer quality pipes, but they also gives it at an affordable price!

We were asked to go outside for a while to test for the first time on what they will do with the pipes. Here's what they did.

I guess you got the idea. Ran over that pipe, that same pipe that we were hammering inside and boom! its still alive. It may have had a dent in it but hey! It didn't crack like some other brands out there! It's still good! I inspected it.

Nextex team that they have always invested on research and technology to obtain the right and optimal products for its partners and they have been doing this for more that 50 years.

Their basic message is simple. Use the right kind of pipes and you won't see your hard earned savings go to waste. Go with the trusted brand. Go with Neltex. So, I ask you and your dream home. Naka-NELTEX ba yan? :)

Thank you to the wonderful team of Neltex for accommodating us and for informing us about the pipes and the possible problems it can cause to our dream home. Thank you!

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