Pamora Farm's Free Range Chicken - [Nix's First Blog Post]

Yey! This is sort of my test-drive in blogging and I am sort of using my husband's vehicle to see if this is something I can also do in the future. I am usually jealous when he gets to go to these cool events and get to experience different adventures and I am beginning to think that maybe now I don't need to be just watching him have all the fun, right?

And so, this opportunity was given to me and thanks to Mr. Mixofeverything for allowing me to invade his (blog)space and letting me write this entry for him.

Sometimes, I get to tag along with Mr. M.O.E. to his food events and, of course, that usually makes me happy and excited and wondering what kind of food we shall be having. My usual expectation every time is we will definitely be going home full and I, just like any other average woman, will again be feeling guilty for giving in and thinking "asan ang diet?"

This particular Saturday afternoon, Mr. M.O.E. took me to Brasserie CiCou in Greenhills (special thanks to Ms. Nana for graciously accommodating me) for a lunch event. I was told that we will be trying out dishes prepared with free- range chicken. Hearing that, I immediately thought that there must be a significant difference between a free-range from the ordinary, store-bought chicken to merit such introduction. Little did I know that this experience will forever change the way I eat chicken!

Pamora Farm, Inc. produces these free-range chicken and chicken meat by-products. The chicken are grown in a reasonably natural way as opposed to commercially produced where chicken are forced to grow abnormally. These free-range chicken, which come from a colored breed from France, are now locally produced in their farm in Abra.

I knew that free-range suggests something that is produced organically. So then the free-range chicken must the healthier option. But is it tastier?

We arrived at the restaurant and I was immediately impressed by the interiors. That got me excited about what's coming next. I thought then that whatever they are serving us will be delicious!
Our lunch started with a refreshing plate of green salad tossed with balsamic vinaigrette. 

What got me curious was a line up of small glass jars containing an assortment of pate's that was served with a basket of freshly baked breads.

Aha! The pate's must be made out of free-range chicken and it turned out, I was right. We sampled all variants (Chicken Liver, Chicken Breast and Liver, Chicken Gizzard, Chicken Liver and Gizzard, Chicken Breast and Chicken Breast and Gizzard Pate's) and they were all good. Pate's... very French...very sosyal...haha! At that point, my appetite for more food was in high gear.

Next was the main entree, the star of the show: a big plate of Roast Chicken with mashed potatoes and gravy. The dish was purposely prepared very simply and not much of the usual herbs and flavorings for us to fully appreciate the real goodness of free-range chicken. My first bite immediately changed me. I knew then why free-range was not only the healthier option but it is also more delicious.

Our gracious hosts from Pamora Farm explained that growing these chickens at a minimum of 70 days really makes the difference (versus the 26 days for commercially produced! Imagine that!). 

That long period of having the chickens ranging in the farm actually allows optimum natural chicken taste, firmer and healthier meat with less fat content! Now that is really quality chicken.

After finishing off my plate (which i did very quickly and happily), I prepared for dessert which came almost immediately. A trio of creme brûlée! Of course, by this time we all knew that these were made made with free-range chicken eggs.

Dessert was heavenly. I don't know how else I can describe it.

By then, my stomach was so full and contented. However, I didn't feel as guilty as I would normally be after taking in so much food. Maybe it was because I felt that everything that we had were not only tasty but also healthy!

I was also happy to know that we all can bring home and enjoy this chicken goodness by purchasing Pamora Farm products via select supermarkets and other distributors around the country. For more information, you can visit

Nix Soon
Mrs. M.O.E.