My Dominos's Pizza Delivery Experience

Tonight, Mother's Day, Dad was out and my Mom, wifey Nix and I decided that we get pizza for dinner and mom insisted that it would her treat. Even though I didn't like the idea that she would be treating, I agreed because she insisted and if she starts doing that, she won't stop. :)

Called up 997.3030, their one number system. After giving details, the girl on the other side said that they will give us a call and will take our orders when she calls. After a few minutes, they called. Ordered a 14" hand-tossed Domino's Deluxe P 649.00
The free pizza we got was the Pepperoni Feast P 649.00 same size.

Mom also wanted the Potato Wedge with your choice of Cheese, garlic or BBQ dip ( P99.00) and the Stuffed Cheesy Bread (P 99.00) You can choose from Ham, Bacon or Pepperoni.

Here's how it looked like and how it was delivered. Not complaining how it looks here. Just sharing it with you guys. :)

Here's the part where I got a little irritated.

I asked if they have a mother's day promo. She said they dont. She asked me back if I have a domino's card, I said I lost it. (I did actually). She said that they will be charging me P 50.00 for the delivery. I was like "What??!" I was kind of disappointed. I never experienced this with Shakeys or Pizza Hut.

I mean who does that. I'm here trying to give them business and I'm being charge of a delivery fee of P 50.00 when my total bill is actually P894.00. I mean, that's like pretty high. I know the food cost of one pizza and I can pretty much buy better pizza with that amount.

One good thing here is that the P 894.00 already has senior discount of P 48.75.00 not bad and glad that they are able to offer discounts to senior citizens. Which I never got from Shakey's not Pizza Hut I think.

Pizza - Honestly, I liked Domino's Pizza way way back. I kind of like the under-dog kind of pizza brand. But seriously, I liked their hand-tossed. It chewy right. Right thickness and right taste. I like that even on their simplest pizza like the pepperoni, it is not too salty as one would expect if they buy it on Shakeys or Pizza Hut. I liked this one better. Actually I liked the Pepperoni Feast better that the Domino's Deluxe. I just absolutely like it. It was delivered hot and goooood.

Potato Wedges
The wedges looked like fries, It was small. A little cold. Something like you can buy from the supermarket. The garlic dip was okay I guess. Not enough serving. I am not sure if they are trying to achieve the same level as Shakey's mojos, but they are far from it. For P 99.00, I guess I skip on this one next time.

Stuffed Cheesy Bread
This bread, I wasn't able to taste the bacon in it. It's taste is like the crust of the outer portion of the pizza that we just ordered. Some melted cheese on it and that's it. The bread wasn't something incredible or worth remembering. For P 99.00, I can skip this too next time.

Customer Service
I guess it's alright. But I just don't like the thing with their delivery charge. No Loyalty card, NO FREE delivery. Hmmmm You get to buy the card for only P 249.00 which is good for a year. They say that I can't avail of the Buy one get one by I'm not sure why they were able to give me one for me. (on my transaction) I mean I appreciate that and all but c'mon, either you give it all, or give nothing at all right? More Dominos Loyalty info here.

Here's another thing, their site said that they deliver the food in 30 mins or its free! Well it took them a bit more that 45 minutes, but I let it go. They even say on the site, Absolutely Guaranteed! Normally I would like fight for this rule, but I thought that this may be charged to the delivery guy or someone and I don't want that.

So he delivers our orders and guess what's missing. The 1.5 Coke liter mom added. Mom decided not to pay unless the order is complete and the guy agreed to it and just decided to go back with the 1.5L of coke.
Later did I found out that the 1.5L of Coke costs P75.00!!! Man, If only I knew, I would have stopped mom from buying and just bought at our nearest sari-sari store across the street.

A little pricier that I would have thought. I jus thought they'd be cheaper. They increased by the way. They sent me a new menu. So yeeah.

I guess its ok. I mean, if it weren't for my love for pizza and if I wasn't pleased by your pepperoni, I would have stopped to recommen you to my friends. What's bugging me is that it's rare that I order from these guys and somethimes we just get disappointed on those few moments. But! I can still give dominoes a chance. I mean, I like their pizza and all. I guess its worth another shot. Just the pizza. If you guys want to try if for yourselves, the number is right below.

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Let me know if you get to experience any of these that I've experienced. :) Feel free to hit the comments below. :)

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