The new KFC Summers Krushers!

Summer is definitely here. You can feel the scorching heat hit your skin. Don't you just wish you're at the beach? I bet that if you're at the beach you wouldn't mind. But if you're not here's what I have for you guys staying at the metro. I give you the KFC Krushers!!! 

Yeah, the Summer Krushers line include two oh so good flavors that you and your friends are sure to enjoy, Buko Pandan and Halo-Halo. So classically Filipino right? I love it!

The Buko Pandan Krushers is a refreshing buko drink with bits of real macapuno and green nata. The Halo-Halo Krushers is a creamy ube drink with bits of real macapuno, sweet leche flan and nata.

Get the spirit of fun, adventure and celebration this summer through these unique offerings from KFC for only P 69.00 each

In line with KFC's launch of the KFC Krushers, KFC has come up with a new gimmick that goes beyond any one's definition of 'cool'. Check out and find out how you can get a chance to own an island where you and seven of your friends can spend two days and three nights of fun and adventure by simple creating a meme on the Krushers Island microsite. Gogogo! For regular updates, follow KFC on Twitter @KFCPhilippines and life their FB page.

Thanks for sending these awesome Krushers at home KFC! :)

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