‘The Possession’ of Sam Raimi Now out on DVD and VCD

The Possession now out on DVD & VDC

Fifteen year-old Emma is a normal moody teenager, drinking, making-out with boys, baby-sitting her younger brother and ranting and raving when she doesn't get her way. Educated at home but keen to attend the local school, she hangs around with older neighbors who share her rock-chick ways, trying to tempt her with concerts. Frustrated by her parents’ rules, Emma starts to self-harm but what at first appears to be an innocent cry for help soon turns into something more sinister.

Over 90 minutes of horrific awesomeness! I love it! The DVD has a Bonus & Special Feature about the Making of Exorcismus (some parts in Spanish language with English subtitles)

The Possession locally distributed by C-Interactive Digital Entertainment and will be available on DVD & VCD for the suggested retail price of Php750.00 and Php250.00

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