Nourish and Energize this 2013 with Dole's Juice Up!

What better way to enjoy this new year energized and nourished all year right? Dole have just the right juice products to start your year right. So what's a natural way to energize? Easy... with Dole Juice Up Rejuvenate and Inner Beauty. Packed with all goodness, same pineapple juice you love from Dole but better. :)

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Dole Juice Up Rejuvenate is the same juice you all love from Dole but now has been infused with active ingredients of Ginseng and Guarana. Giving the same energizing effect with the usual revitalizing goodness and freshness of pineapple juice. This is perfect for the workout junkies and sports enthusiasts out there who are looking for the perfect energy drinks. This is the perfect alternative of your daily pick-me-upper. 

Ginseng which has numerous benefits like anti-aging and even capable form alleviating possibilities of developing degenerative diseases it increase mental and physical capacity. Guarana which came from South America is found to be one of the riches. most natural sources of caffeine. Increasing physical endurance, Guarana is proven to be a central nervous system stimulant increasing memory retention and alertness levels.

We all need an energy drink to keep up with today's busy lifestyle and basically to keep us naturally healthy. Dole Juice Up Rejuvenate does just that. 

Now you ask why do you need to nourish from inside-out this 2013? It is important and necessary to maintain a healthy and glowing skin. But being nourished is going beyond the surface and starting from within. With Dole Juice Up Inner Beauty, you will be refreshed and revitalized. 

There are so many factors that affects our skin. Poor diet, pollution, stress, and nutrient deficiency. Vitamins like A, C and E indeed works wonders for our skin together with natural antioxidants. And now all of these nutrients are now in Dole Inner Beauty. A delicious pineapple-lychee juice drink infused with Pycnogenol.

What's Pycnogenol? It's a potent natural antioxidant. A botanical maritime pine extract with lots of advantage. It increases flow to the skin allowing necessary nutrients to get to hard to reach places. Pycnogenol also binds and supports collagen and elastin which is the key for increased skin elasticity. It also prevents the development of degenerative diseases, such as cancer diabetes and osteoarthritis. So want to enjoy a younger looking skin? This one is for you.

Stay refreshed while keeping yourself healthy. Being in the market today that has 13mg Pycnogenol. Also containing Vitamin C for hydration and anti-aging properties as well as vitamin E. Faster cell renewal which can help prevent skin cancer.

So start your 2013 right with Dole Juice Up Rejuvenate and Inner Beauty, and see the difference of a better you by the end of the year. :)

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