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[Movies] Olivia Wilde's Dark Side. Deadfall Trailer

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Ever since I saw her appeared on the hit TV Series 'House', I just couldn't take my eyes away from her. Watched her movies from Alpha Dog, Cowboys versus Aliens, In Time, The Change-Up up to Tron. Now this. 

Check out the trailer first.

In this thriller movie, we can see a darker side of Olivia Wilde. She and Eric Bana play siblings Liza and Addison. Both on the run after a casino heist gone wrong. While on the run, they are forced to separate after their car accident making a run for the Canadian border... Sounds a little easy? well.... not really... All this happened in the worst of circumstances.... a near whiteout blizzard.

“A brother and sister with a very dark history but still very bonded, to an unhealthy level. Survivors, who in many ways love each other very much, but are dangerous.” shared by the screenwriter Zach Dean. This started when he planned to write a straight-forward thriller, had a nerve-wracking experience from a transcontinental flight inspired him to add different dimensions to the story and led all back to the theme of family relationships.

Actress Olivia Wilde was taken with the script on her first read: “Every page I turned surprised me,” says Wilde. “I liked that. It’s so rare. I was never quite sure what genre it was. Once I had the role, I prepared by studying a lot about interfamily abuse and incestuous relationships. An undertone of the relationship between them is a strange, haunting sexuality. It’s tense and unspoken but it’s there.

“I also studied Stockholm Syndrome,” continues Wilde. ‘Because in a sense she is a prisoner, she relies completely on Addison and she loves him in a very passionate and complex way – he is her brother, but also her captor, her lover and her savior.”

The filmmakers were aware on just how crucial the relationship of Addison and Liza was to the success of the film. Dean explains how Addison views his sister. “All these horrific things that Addison does, as long as they are for Liza, they are excusable. She remains in his view the little girl, the one he saved. He believes his redemption lies in the fact that he does it for her.”

Since we are talking about the wild side of Wilde. will there be a topless scene from Oliva? Well.... I guess you just have to wait and watch the movie which is now showing. :)

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