BOSE offers solutions but giving Concert-Quality sounds and breakthough developments

I was treated to a sound and listening experience. and It kind of fed the ear with great, powerful and quality sounds. I think only Bose was able to do that for me. Bose introduces products from their professional division. The RoomMatch™ series of array module loudspeakers and the PowerMatch™ PM8500 which is a professional power amplifier that is configurable.

Bose uses its latest technology and great designs giving sound designers with great scalability and configurability to cater to venues like arenas, house of worships and performing arts theaters. With this equipment concert-quality can now be achieved more consistently and efficiently regardless of the size of the room, shape and acoustic properties.

RoomMatch™ Array Module Loudspeakers
RoomMatch™ modules overcome the acoustic performance limitations of conventional line-array and point-source loudspeakers. Available in 15 different coverage patterns, they can be used alone or with other RoomMatch™ array modules to form Progressive Directivity Arrays –- a new category of curvilinear array from Bose. They perform as a single loudspeaker to ensure optimal sound coverage for a particular listening area. 

Bose RoomMatch™ waveguide technology directs sound more precisely, reducing unwanted wall and ceiling reflections that can degrade tonal balance. And multiple, readily available wave guide patterns allow for customized sound coverage for virtually any room. 

PowerMatch™ Configurable Professional Power Amplifier 
The PowerMatch™ 8500 amplifier is designed to work with both RoomMatch™ array modules and other professional loudspeakers, and can allocate its 4000W rated power between two and eight channels. It provides an unprecedented combination of audio performance and flexible output –- all from a standard wall outlet. 

A dual feedback loop architecture continuously monitors and controls the current and voltage to help prevent circuits from being overdrawn. It also combines the sound quality and reliability of the best Class-AB designs with Class-D efficiency.

Bose PeakBank™ power supply incorporates proprietary regenerative 
four-quadrant design with fast-tracking Power Factor Correction (PFC). It offers higher power and higher efficiency over standard PFC, and improves peak bursts for superior transient response and low-frequency performance. Bass transient response is further enhanced with Bose switching technology that delivers high levels of continuous output for longer durations. 

New Versions of Bose Modeler® and ControlSpace® Designer Software 
Updated Modeler software includes features for designing systems with RoomMatch™ array modules, and new ControlSpace Designer software provides setup, control and monitor functions for the PowerMatch amplifier, while allowing it to be integrated into ControlSpace networks. 

Installation and Integrated Rigging Structure 
RoomMatch™ array modules can be fitted into place using the provided handles and secured with no adjustment to the curvature required. An integrated side-plate rigging structure eliminates the need for custom rigging, reducing installation time and costs. 

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