MARINA. Serving great oysters and seafoods for 25 years.

For 25 years now, Marina, the brand from Iloilo has been serving great oysters and seafoods and other Filipino specialties. In that two decades, they have been giving out the best of Filipino hospitality and family oriented service. Who would have thought that this brands has been around for that long. That's why when they asked to to do a taste test of their food, I didn't think twice. Equipped with a famished appetite, me and a handful of selected bloggers charged to Marina - Metrowalk branch and .... well you know...

Blue Marlin - Marina Seafoods
Blue Marlin P 125.00 / 100 grams. minimum of 500 grams.
I'm not really a fan of Blue Marlin but when i saw this big slice of fish, I was impressed. The plate sized cut was just so inviting that I couldn't resist. It has a bit of ensalada on the side with my favorite shrimp paste. The fish wasn't dry as other cooked fish that you would imagine. This one is juicy and tasty. This Grill Blue Marlin is indeed a catch. You can buy this baby for P 125 / 100 grams. Not bad if you ask me. I say this is worth it.

Beef Kare-Kare - Marina Seafoods
Kare-kare P 295.00
For me anything that I can put bagoong into, i'm good with it. Karekare is always paired with a bagoong, but  I think this one was an exception. The sauce was tasty enough and I had to order another cup of rice just to satisty my craving for this one. Ofcourse this is dish is best with bagoong, who am I kidding. The beed inside was tender and just as juicy delicious as it would look.

Crispy Pata - Marina Seafoods
Crispy Pata P560.00
Who doesn't love Crispy Pata? Even if you're on a diet of full, you'd find yourself pinching a bit of skin or mean and then dipping it into that small bowl of vinegar. Why? because you would long for that crunchy taste and that guilty pleasure you'd be putting in your mouth. Oh Crispy Pata, how I adore thee let me count thy bones. (huh?)

Sinigang na Hipon - Marina Seafoods
Sinigang na Hipon- Marina Seafoods
Sinigang na Hipon P 235.00
May look like the usual Sinigang na Hipon but this one is different. Marina's sinigang use "Batuan", a kind of fruit that gives out a different kind of sourness. Yes, they don't use sampaloc on their sinigang. You interested to know the taste? I suggest you head to the nearest Marina and try this one. I recommend it.

Managat Fish - Marina Seafoods
Managat P 120.00 / 100g
One of their Ilonggo House Specialties, the Managat is another humongous fish that was served at our table. You mat not see the scale or the size of this but I hope you can trust me when I say is is just amazing how big this baby is. The question I asked next is "Is it Boneless?" The answer to that is no, but hey, you'd still want to dig in to that and just experience the juiciness and tastiness of this Managat. After tasting this, I understood why is it one of their house sepecialties.

Marina Seafood Soup
Marina Seafood Soup P350.00
The Marina seafood Soup was creamy in a way. It was thick and tasty. You'll also have fun getting the seafoods out of this delicious bowl. try it, yo'll love it. :)

Steamed Oysters - Marina Seafoods

Baked Oysters - Marina Seafoods
Steamed Oysters P 285.00 / Baked Oysters P 299.00

People from Marina delivers fresh oysters everyday into their stores. So expect the freshest and the best oysters Iloilo can offer. May it be fresh, steamed or baked. This is surely something you must not miss when dining at Marina. :)

This coming October 25, in celebration of their 25 years in the business, they will be treating everyone to a discounted price of their oysters. P 25.00 for a plate of their oysters. (Maximum to 2 orders per table, per receipt). So remember, October 25, P 25.00 on their Oysters, maximum of 2 plates only at Marina. So be sure to mark your calendars already and be ready to head to Marina on the 25th.

For the desserts, I'll be grabbing some photos from my fellow blogger who also attended the food tasting.
Leche Flan - Marina Seafoods
Leche Flan P 60.00
The perfect way to end every Filipino feast is with a Leche Flan. This beautifully presented dessert is as yummy as it looks. You gotta love this.

The Gold Rush - Marina Seafoods
Gold Rush Ice Cream P 65.00
Well, there was a choice of this ice cream on their menu so I went for it. The vanilla with a hint of caramel was just perfect for me. The 2 scoops was just right and soothing. You gotta love vanilla.

Did you like the food items that you saw? well you can only find them at Marina. Time tested and still going strong. Oh and they have the BIGGEST, THICKEST, JUICIEST, FRESHEST, PERFECTLY GRILLED Blue Marlin Steaks in Town!!!

'nuff said. :)

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Marina Metrowalk
Meralco Avenue, Ortigas Centre, Pasig City
Contact Person: Mr. Arman Unisa | Mobile No.: 0922-879-6732 | Tel. No.: (02) 687-2881

Marina SM Mall of Asia
Entertainment Building, SM Mall of Asia
Contact Person: Ms. Mauriel Tattao | Mobile No.: 0923-280-0800
Tel. Nos.: (02) 556-4224 / (02) 556-0718

Marina Market! Market!
Fort Bonifacio Global City, Taguig, Metro Manila
Contact Person: Ms. Josie Salontoy | Mobile No.: 0922-879-6744 | Tel. No.: (02) 729-0344

Marina SM Sky Garden | SM City North EDSA, Q.C.
Contact Person: Ms. Hope Dayaday 
Mobile No.: 0922-8796741 | Tel. No.: (02) 332-3462

Marina Timog-Panay, Quezon City
Contact Person: Ms. Maileen Balanquit
Mobile No.: 0922-879-6735
Tel No.: (02) 332-4174

Marina Magallanes, Paseo de Magallanes, 
Brgy. Magallanes, Makati City
Contact Person: Mr. Dan Espinola | Mobile No.: 0922-8796755 | Tel. No.: (02) 851-4204

Forum Robinsons, EDSA, Mandaluyong City
Contact Person: Marjun Pama Mobile No.: 0922-879-6751
Tel. No.: (02) 569-8099

Marina Iloilo, Diversion Road
Mandurriao, Iloilo City Tel. No.: (33)320 1230

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