Halloween Donut Creepers from Go Nuts Donuts!

Donuts! few days ago I received these package on my office. I gotta say, I was psyched when I saw it. Timing was perfect. Me and my team-mates were hungry and we've been stressed of work lately but thanks to these Donut Creepers we were able to take a break and enjoy the goodies. :)

The Go Nuts Donuts: Halloween Donut Creepers is an extra-special offering from Go Nuts this October. Obviously this is in time for the world's most favorite holiday after Christmas I guess. The have three new flavors this time. They ahve the Jack-o-Licious, Spooky Crawly and the Mister Boo all themed after their name. 

I got to say I was smiling when I saw the designs. These are perfect treats for the adorable kids and even the adults. They will surely enjoy these sweet treats. They also have some delectable frosted cookie creations!

To know more about the cool donuts, visit https://www.facebook.com/gonutsdonuts.fanpage of follow them on twitter https://twitter.com/gonutsdonuts

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