Rachel Weisz on The Bourne Legacy

“The Bourne Legacy”  stars  Rachel Weisz and Jeremy Renner, this action-filled movie in Manila! The actress recalls that most of the stunts were mostly done by Renner and herself in Manila. 

“The stunts were the challenge. There are a lot in the film. In Manila, we have this huge chase scene on a motorcycle and Jeremy and I did most of it. We drove through that city and jumped over bridges and crashed into buses,” said Weisz in an e-mailed statement sent through United International Pictures. 

When interviewed and asked about her own ‘legacy’, she replied, “Beyond my child, I cannot think of anything. I am sure there will be some movies on DVD that might be a ‘legacy.’ Hopefully my carbon footprint won’t be too big.” Weisz also remembered the park in San Andres, Manila that she sponsored for the children there to have fun in. She reminisced, “We filmed in a disadvantaged area of Manila and I funded a playground for the kids there. They had no resources there to do it themselves. I actually wanted to call it ‘The Bourne Legacy’, but we couldn’t for legal reasons. Is that a legacy?” 

Rachel Weisz admits she was really terrified making the “Bourne Legacy” chase sequence in Manila. She said, “I just had to hold on [tight]. I don’t drive. It was terrifying.” 

The 42-year-old actress revealed that she and Renner made 99 percent of the stunts. Weisz continued, “I would say about 99 percent of the time Jeremy and I were doing the stunts. Jeremy is a really good rider. He is just very physically adept at stunts. He is agile and fluid and beautiful to watch. I felt safe with him. We practiced for a couple of weeks in a big parking lot.” 

During the shoot, the actress felt the very physical demands of the stunts. Rachel said, “ You need a lot of takes and your body starts to rebel. You do get some aches and pains. I did something to my elbow while we were running through the streets of Manila. I jammed it and it still sort of hurts. Sometimes you have to look completely desperate and after take thirty, you don’t have to act anymore because you are feeling that way.” 

Weisz described the realistic events in the movie. Rachel commented, “Sometimes when you watch a film, you see action scenes and car crashes and you just know it is fake. Here we are on the streets of Manila, on this bike, going fast. Audiences can see that this was really happening.” 

Weisz finally describes her character in the film, “My role was a realistic journey about someone who has never had to fight for her life. Marta has always been in a lab doing things with test tubes and she suddenly has to learn to fight. She is not a super hero. She is a real person who has to fight for her life.” 

While filming “The Bourne Legacy” in Manila, Weisz’s hubby Daniel Craig, who played the famous Agent 007 James Bond in a couple of movies, visited her. Weisz said that she prudently divorces her career and her personal life to obtain balance in her life. She said further, “I see them (family and career) as two separate things. I cannot say that I am not a celebrity at this point. That would be silly. Of course it is difficult, but it is difficult for any working mother. All moms face the challenge. I am lucky that I work extensively and then I am off. Some moms work all day and they get home late and have to be a mom.” 

“The Bourne Legacy” has stars Jeremy Renner, Rachel Weiss , Edward Norton and some local talents, to include Joel Torre and Lou Veloso. It is distributed by United International Pictures thru Solar Entertainment Corporation. Showing at your favorite theaters on August 8.

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