Power Up with R.O.X.'s new 40-foot wall climbing facility at the Fort

Recreational Outdoor Exchange (R.O.X) is Southeast Asia’s Biggest Outdoor Super Store. Its flagship store at the Bonifacio Global City launched its latest offering to its customers. Last June. 

Committed to encourage a more active lifestyle, R.O.X. has been providing the tools of trade in order for people to get involved in outdoor activities. The wall climbing facility at R.O.X. is managed by Power Up Services which is known for creating the first wall climbing facilities in the Philippines. The sport is touted as an excellent physical as well as mental fitness activity. 

R.O.X.’s 40-foot climbing wall is located in Bonifacio High Street. Now, avid climbers will have the opportunity to practice their skills before hitting the crags. 

Joey Cuerdo, owner and designer of Power Up, on R.O.X. climbing wall gym: “It is not centered on steep overhangs, but gentle inclines. The wall can be easy enough for beginners to finish But it is challenging enough for the pros to train on. The gently overhanging wall is the official inclination of international Speed Climbing Competitions. With a height of 12 meters, it is ideal for 10 meter speed climbing training for athletes who are aiming to beat the record .”

R.O.X. wants the customers to experience the outdoors while inside the store. With the indoor climbing wall, your adventure starts here.

Cuerdo further stressed that “Climbing can be a very personal achievement oriented spot and turns challenges into personal accomplishments. These challenges create a better individual rather than aiming to become better because of someone else's success.”

“Climbing entails problem solving skill in order to conquer the wall. Aside from being a form of exercise, there is a lot of planning and mind-body coordination. Peer support is also evident in this sport,” Cuerdo explained. 

R.O.X. is owned and operated by the Primer Group of Companies, Asia's next retail giant.

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