Larry & Mau Diner. Affordable good food available 24 hours

Finally was able try this new diner at Two E-Com Center in Mall of Asia Complex. This is another venture of the two good friends Mr. Larry Cortez and Mauro Arjona Jr. which opened last February 2012, the guys behind the brands Uncle Cheffy, Old Vine Grille, Chef's Quarter Restaurant, Kuse, Beurre Blanc and now this one. The Larry & Mau Diner.

This is a fast food concept of an american style diner, but they do offer more other than your usual hamburger and chicken. They say that the market now is more exposed to different cuisines and Larry & Mau is offering just that, and they do that without putting a hole in your pockets compared with other diners and other restaurants. A Larry & Mau Diner meal starts at P 79.00. They have pastas, Le Paillard (Flattened Meat), salads, BBQs and some Filipino Spanish American torta. One can also enjoy a 4-oz. steak for only P 230.00.

What's good about this diner? Well, it is open for 24 hours! and the alcoholic beverages are available all day. Local beers at P 39.00 and cocktails start at P 60.00.

So, here are the food that I've tried that day. First up.. 

Smoked Boiled Bacon Taste of Ireland P169.00

The tenderness and the juiciness of the bacon keeps me sipping and sipping on the juice and munching on the bacon it self. It is kind of like a bacon 'nilaga' with a really tasty soup. The rice that comes with the meal is not helping me put this meal down but it just encourages me to keep on placing these bacon in my mouth.

Tuna and Cheese Melt P 95.00
The dish comes with rice and a salsa/ensalada side. It is a Torta with great texture and a subtle crunchiness on it. The salsa helped in mixing up the flavors and balancing it with the rice.

Crispy Fried Pork Ribs Regular P 99 / Family P 450.00
The dish is served with rice, carrots and corn with garlic spiced sauce. Deep fried into golden crispy. A little hard on the outside but really soft and tender on the inside. Has the right amount of fat and meat. 

Fish Paillard P 139.00
Served with rice or fries, carrots and corn with Pinoy steak sauce and mustard sauce. Le Paillard is also known as "Flattened Meat" in this case, flattened fish :) I wasn't too keen on the dip and side dishes but the fish was a good try.

Super Burger (1lb. beef) P 395.00
This is perfect during snacks but heck just by looking at this massive burger I feel like I'm full already. The patty was a little thin for me, and I expected that it'll be more juicy. But after taking a few bites out of it, my take on the burger changed. I liked it. But I did hope they'd have more toppings on it. With the name 'Super' beside the burger, you'd expect more out of its size. :) I tried scaling the burger and yeah it's close to my two phones together.

Last food we tasted that day was one of their spaghetti.

Seafood Marinara P 89.00

The food experience that afternoon was just great! it has been a while since I've been into diners and I do find myself coming back to this place within the month to try other food items. Check out their menu board at the bottom of this post.

Truly this is a place where good friends can hang out, chill and dine. This coming August, Larry 7 mau Diner will be launching the Ultimate Burger Challenge. Yes, you got it. The massive Super Burger is the star of the show.

For interested parties who wants to join. Just present a single minimum purchase of P 500 from Larry & Mau with any Pepsi Cola product.  or a single minimum purchase of P 1,500 from Uncle Cheffy / Old Vine Grille / Chef's Quarter / Kuse / Beurre Blac inclusive of any Pepsi Cola product. 

Their Saturdays are open to Kings and Queens (male & female couples 18yo above) and their Sundays are reserved for Kings and Princes (father and son tandems, father 25 yo above and child must be 8-10 yo). Competitions are scheduled at 10am and will run every weekend for the entire month of August. 

I would like to thank Ms. Nana Nadal for giving me the opportunity to experience Larry & Mau Diner. Thanks Nana! :)

Larry & Mau Diner is located at the Ground Floor, Two E-com Building Palm Coast Drive Mall of Asia Pasay City with Tel. no. 869-7939 / Fax no. 869-0345. You may also email them at

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