The Dark Knight Rises - Movie Review

I am not sure on where to start my review on this one. We all know this is coming and its promise and the expectation of this movie is really high. Heck I did set the bar high for Nolan's third installment of the Batman franchise, and even with a high expectation I think I was still not prepared for it.
I will not go much into details on the review, but let me give you this. You put in Anne Hathaway, Christian Bale, Marion Cotillard, Michael Caine,Morgan Freeman, Tom Hardy Joseph Gordon-Levitt in a Batman franchise then Christopher Nolan being the maestro of the whole music, then you have yourself a great great movie.

The third installment is definitely a few notch higher than the last Batman film of Nolan. Even the chaos that the Joker caused in the second film is far from this one. With Nolan completing the trilogy, once this is out on Blu-Ray and DVD, this will be one of the hottest three-part that will ever be sold, because it is that good. 
I would admit that there were some clunky and a bit of exaggeration on Bruce Wayne's emotions being broken and all coming from the emotion of what happened on the last movie and when Batman took the blame for the death of a city hero. And some other very small details but hey, let's not forget that this is a movie so focus on the movie and enjoy it. 
I've always like on how Nolan works with the mind. It makes you think. And how he fits the psychology and sociology into this movie is just remarkable. This is the type of superhero movie where the superhero doesn't have superhero powers, and if you would closely pay attention, this is as close to the real world. Every superhero needs to fall before they can rise again and this one definitely did. Tom Hardy as Bane was powerful and Anne Hathaway
As you would have expect, Batman still growls in this movie but the movie itself also growls with brutal awesomeness. It is indeed a powerful, majestic and a satisfying epic film. You can go ahead and criticize all you want. Let's not forget that this is a movie ok guys? and I'm sure you wouldn't be able to make a movie this good. (no offense guys! peace!) :)

This masterpiece film that conclude the trilogy I will give 5 of 5.
After watching this movie, you will wish that Nolan could make another 3 more for the franchise, but who knows? The next one who would reboot this Batman franchise, I would have to see. Nolan pretty much set the bar oh so high.

Now, take a look back at the movie "The Avenger". I'm not saying that this one is better but I want you to be the judge of it. (and I do hope you have good taste). This Batman is darker than you would have expected it to be and it is going to be insane, brutal and EPIC.

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