G-Star Now available in Manila

Not really familiar with the brand but I've seen some on magazines, designs and styles are pretty good, but the name G-Star raw? Really rings some bell. After a couple of googling, I've read that it started around 1989. Known for its innovative and cutting edge style and pushing the boundaries and continuous experimentation in the world of denim. That, I would have to agree. And I wouldn't be surprised that now, they have a strong following world wide.

The rough, rudimentary and raw characteristics of the Dutch denim brand G-Star maintains its distinct and unorthodox style. The man behind the brand is Pierre Morisset. Rain, cafe, motorcycle and denim was his inspiration. When he saw a motorcyclists passed him and glanced upon the pants. The wet rough sculpted by time, the pants bulged on the knee, wrinkled at the back and stayed that way even when the biker dismounted. This made him think and thought of designing some great jeans the would best fit the body of the people wearing them. He then created patterns with circular and curve shapes to follow the movement of the body to build the volume into the garment. They then created the world's first 3-D denim in the form of G-Star Elwood, and the rest is history.

G-Star has now landed in the Philippines and opened their store in Fort Bonifacio. Check out some pictures I saw on Foursquare.

Below are some good shots from @sidmaderazo via twitter.

Below are some photos I grabbed from their page.  (G-Star RAW Autumn/Winter campaign)

The G-Star brand is a style of all times. Futuristic and cautious. Far-reaching and experimental. Alternative and traditional. G-Star is about making eccentric combinations and maintaining authenticity. Never one to follow the crowd. Just the Product. 

Two awesome pants that I would love to own. :) 

If I'm feeling a little edgy. INAKAYA pants!
Inakaya denim pant is patterned on the traditional Japanese pant 
For a little rough formal with teeth, I'd use this SLIM CUT one. :)
slim cut 3301
I'm excited to see what will happen on their launch on the 27 at Fort Bonifacio. More info on the brand to follow!

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