Nescafe Promo Week 1: Tell me a story. Nescafe 3in1 Original


Coffee drinkers anyone? Well, most of us can't fully function without one. And who has been there since we can all remember giving us the or popularly know as 3in1? No other than Nescafe 3in1. 

So I ask you now. When 3in1 coffee is mentioned or comes to mind, what is the first thing that would pop up in your head?.... I get it... You know what I mean. The one and only original. Then an now, the Nescafe 3in1 Original has been giving us the right mix of coffee, creamer and sugar.

Nescafe has been giving love to us by giving us a rich perfect taste of coffee that is not hard on the pockets, at 6 pesos per sachet, no one can go wrong after experiencing the goodness and the warmth it brings to your mornings, afternoons and evenings. 

Now, Nescafe is giving away gift packs to the readers with the most creative/unique answer each week and will win a Nescafe 3in1 gift pack of their choice and a NESCAFE notebook.  
All you have to to is hit the comments section below and "profess" your love to your most favourite  Nescafe 3in1 variant. Yes, it is that easy! :)

Check out the video below and see why Sarah Geronimo likes Nescafe 3 in 1 Original.

As for me, NESCAFÉ 3in1 Original has the balanced mix of NESCAFÉ, COFFEE-MATE and sugar that you can take with you, anytime, anywhere.

So what is your favorite? Tell me a story. :)

This is Mix signing out!
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