With the world that we are living in right now, Vitamins are needed for growth and development. Without vitamins, the body cannot survive. Thus a varied diet is essential if we are to obtain the necessary nutrients in order to live a long and healthy live. 

As you know, cooking and how the food is prepared easily destroy these nutrients, and accordingly affect the absorption of these vitamins. This situation is further magnified especially when one advances in age, has gastrointestinal disorders, and when one is a vegan, alcoholics to name a few. 
There are plenty of benefits for one’s heart, mind and body that can be derived from vitamin B complex. The notable benefits are: Energy Production , Nervous System, Brain Function, and Cardiovascular function 

Good thing ARONAMIN GOLD is there to help us cope with everyday activity. Those with an active lifestyle like James and Phil Younghusband, it is recommended that they take ARONAMIN GOLD regularly because of its benefits.
- The Vitamin B1 & B2 components are fat soluble (therefore retained longer in the body) unlike water soluble vitamins, which need regular replenishment due to excretion of excess. 
- Excess fat soluble vitamins are stored at liver and other sites, and utilized only when the body needs them.

Below are the importance of ARONAMIN GOLD COMPONENTS.
BOOSTS METABOLISM OF FATS, CARBOHYDRATES AND PROTEINS - producing energy alleviating fatigue and lethargy. 
HELPS IN HEALTHY REGULATION OF THE NERVOUS SYSTEM, reducing depression, stress and brain shrinkage. 
- HELPS MAINTAIN HEALTHY DIGESTIVE SYSTEM because of healthy production of hydrochloric acid which breaks carbohydrats, fats and proteins more efficiently. 
LOWERS HOMOCYSTEINE LEVELS, an amino acid found in blood, normally linked to cardiovascular disease and stroke. 
-  HELPS IN CELL REPRODUCTION thus essential for healthy skin, muscles, hair and nails. 
BENEFITS 30% OF ADULTS > 50 YEARS OLD WHO MAY HAVE INTESTINAL BACTERIA (ATROPHIC GASTRITIS) which deprives the digestive system to absorb vitamin B12. Aronamin Gold is the best source of vitamin B12 for adults >50 years old. 
VIT C SUPPORTS CARDIOVASCULAR SYSTEM by facilitating fat metabolism and protecting tissues from radical damage. It also HELPS THE NERVOUS SYSTEM by converting certain amino acids into neurotransmitters. 
- VIT E IS A POTENT ANTIOXIDANT, which protects the cells from free radical damage that could lead to very serious and chronic diseases like cancer and cardiovascular diseases.

ARONAMIN GOLD is a catalyst for an enjoyable, and successful active lifestyle. Even if you have an active lifestyle or not, ARONAMIN GOLD is an active-form of multivitamins, which provides more and lasting energy than regular multivitamins.

Switch now to ARONAMIN GOLD and feel the difference in you. :)

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