So how many of you guys have watched CONTAGION the movie? or have seen my previous posts about it (here, here and here) or have missed it on the big screen? Well lucky for you I am giving away DVDs to two lucky readers!!

Well for you to get a better grasp on the movie, check first the trailer below.

Here's what you have to do, it's sooooo simple. Simply share this on your profile either on Facebook and/or Twitter. (Feel free to post on both )

For Facebook.
1. Like  mixofeverything  and Magnavision Home Video
2. Post on your status and tag the following "I want to win a #CONTAGION DVD from  and Magnavision Home Video"
3.  COPY the link post and paste it on the comments section below.  (See first comment) and leave your email.

For Twitter.
1. Follow @mykesoon and @MagnavisionHome
2. Tweet the following. "I want to win a #CONTAGION DVD from @mykesoon and @MagnavisionHome"
3. COPY the link post and paste it on the comments section below. (See first comment) and leave your email.

*It is important that you post the link of your status or tweet on the comment section below.
Contest ends on February 29.
Two winners will be selected randomly and shall be announced on March 1, 2011.
Winners would have to pickup their prize.
Prizes not claimed within 20days from the announcement of winners shall automatically be forfeited.

GOGOGO!!! what do you have to lose? :) hit the comments below! :)

Make sure to like Magnavision Home Video on Facebook and stay updated on the most latest awesome DVD releases! :)

Thank you MagnaVision!!!

This is Mix signing out!
Twitter: mykesoon
Fan page: mixofeverything
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