MULTIPLY League of Hobbyists Assembly

Multiply recently hosted an event called league of hobbyist at Ronac art center - 2nd flr. Of the Secret Fresh Gallery.

Around 30-40 hobbyists and bloggers attended the event. The small but meaningful gathering was organized by Azrael from azrael's merryland who is a blogger and a toy / comics collector as well. The event is basically about selling and purchasing online thru the new Multiply Marketplace.
Came in just in time when Az was giving a talk
There was a talk from Azrael, Tet Verano and Roy Aguila from multiply. Shared their experiences on how buying and selling online before was harder then compared to now. With trust issues, poser accounts, inauthentic products and without control, managing orders and stocks was also hard.
Ms Tet Verano on of the veterans in online selling at Multiply

The speakers also shared tips on how to gain trust and loyal customers if you are planning to have your own online store. They broke down reasons why these days are the best time to open an online store, well ofcourse basically with Multiply's direction in e-commerce, digital/online shopping. As described by many, Multiply now is the largest online mall you can visit, with awesome selections and oh so many tenants/sellers to choose from.

Toys, comic books and other collectibles were displayed in the venue.

The whole idea made sense... Instead of heading to the mall and spending a few bucks on transportation, food and speeding time, compare it with shopping inside your house, at your own convenience, and you don't have to spend that much. Oh did I mention that the items you ordered will e delivered at your doorstep?! Cool huh?
Az from Merryland plays around with the toys and was also the one who organized the event.
Well shopping now couldn't be easier and safer with the new Multiply Marketplace. Shopping at Multiply ensures your safety. So you'd be more comfortable in shopping on their site. They also have some badges that identifies multiply's trusted sellers. Multiply now somehow mediates with transactions, making sure that a certain product is paid for and delivered. (I myself is kind of convinced in purchasing more online).
Mr. Roy Aguila gives us an easy set by step in setting up your online shop and purchasing online.
After eating, we were guided through the process of setting up your own online store. Q & A was then open to be answered by the people from multiply.

Then Same as other awesome event, raffle was up. And they were giving away, Sony cameras, black berry curve and I forgot the other one. :) The group of the hobbyists and bloggers had winners for each of the items. 

They had great gimmick on claiming and getting your prize, they had to purchase it online, via the trusted gadget site Kim Store. Multiply to pay or the items then have it delivered to the raffle winner's doorstep! Cool way do the awesome raffle. :)

Az also gave away one of his TRON toys.
The event awaken my need to be an online seller. I feel that it is easier now, needs a lot of work (on my side) but definitely easier compared to online selling before. I did try a few shopping on Multiply, and I gotta say, I felt secured and more comfortable now in shopping online and I think Multiply was able to convince me on that. Check out my previous post on Multiply below.

This is Mix signing out!

PPS. Oh i gotta share my Multiply shirt. check it out below. :) Proud user, shopper and endorser. :)

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