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I just missed your heart is what you'd hear first from Hanna. So what is Hanna? Hanna is a movie about a young girl played by Saoirse Ronan trained by Erik a father played by Eric Bana who is a former CIA to avenge the death his wife. Hanna is part of a DNA experiment that was discontinued and shut down. The move in effect ended up Marissa an operative of the CIA played by Cate Blanchett killing the wife.

In an effort to avenge the death of the his wife, he trains his daughter to be ready, to be lethal and kill the one responsible for the death of the mother. From this point, things go bloody and everything shifts to an action scene as Hanna, confirms that she is ready to be sent out on the mission that she was trained for all her life to do. As she is set out to be captured, she then tried to have a moment with the target and went for the kill. She then set on foot on a run to meet up with her father.

On the trip back to meet with her father, Hanna stumbled upon a family and was able to experience music, different food, other people. Imagine growing up with just your father and not being able to interact with these elements. She also got to experience her first kiss, got to understand electricity, television and many more as she sets on a journey to meet up with her father.

The movie is more badass than you would think. This young girl in her teens is so deadly and yet looks so innocent. I love the action scenes and how it is executed. It I not forced and just flows naturally with 'Hanna'. Although I didn't get the whole plan on her dad's role in killing the bitch that killed her father, still you'll get lost in all of Hanna. Her deadliness and yet innocence just make her a good lead and overall a great kick ass character.

Another worth mentioning is some funny one-two liners. One of my favorite is one guys asked Hanna 'what did her mom die of' and se naturally said '3 bullets'. Then the guy spits out the drink he just took and everyone in the movie laughed with me.

The movie is about a real bad ass girl who sets out for the revenge of his mother. It is also about the little discoveries of Hanna along the way that makes some scenes light and funny. I do wish for more of Hanna. her younger years, or where she ended up after the movie. Her character is just so interesting to me that I am curious what happened before and after.

I gotta say that there were some side stories and facts that the director wasn't able to focus on, but yeah, as I said, You'd get lost in hanna when you are watching the movie. I do like the editing, music and the cinematography.

Eric Bana played a good Ex-CIA that has gone rogue. Cate Blanchett played as Marissa who killed the mother. Although Banchett thinner body frame was noticable, she did play the villain with subtleness and grace.

Few things to watch out for.
-the whistle- it is kill Billy type but kinda better. I just forgot about it.
-hanna's pierced ear (why is it pierced?-la lang :)) 
-subway action scene of the father. Finally some Great action scenes from the father

I don't mind violence and I do appreciate a nice strong character. Doesn't have to be all CGI or stunts or explosions. So for me, I rate the movie 4 out of 5. I like it. enough said! :)

4stars for it's kickass deadliness and bad ass-iness! :)

Check out Hanna's escape clip and trailer below and check out my previous post of Hanna here

Hanna will be shown exclusively at Ayala Malls Cinemas (Glorietta 4, Greenbelt 3 and Trinoma) starting September 28.

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