The Change-Up: Movie Review

2 word review. Undeniably Hilarious! 

Just joking. :) the movie was damn funny start to finish. From the first 3minutes of the movie, you'd see a huge amount of baby crap flies into Bateman's face and mouth, and from there, you'd see where the writers and director have in store for us. Coming from the writers of Hangover and the director of Wedding Crashers, what more would you expect from that movie?

It was the classic switcheroo of two bodies, with a bolder and stronger take on the story. In this case, two best buds since third grade, Mitch Planko played by Ryan Reynolds a single bachelor with a carefree attitude and Dave Lockwood played by Jason Bateman who is a hardworking lawyer and a husband with 3kids.

On one given night, as they were publicly urinating in a fountain. Both wished that they had each other's life. The next day, their wish came true. As they deal with their body switch, they try to live each other's lives and somehow expectantly messes each others lives all the while while searching for that missing fountain that was responsible to the change-up

This is the type of move like the classic, 'Like Father Like Son', 'Freaky Friday' or something like 'big' and along with many other movies that bodies are interchanged/changed. This movie however have a good cast in it, a lot of hilarious bit, and a little bit of profanity in them

The movie may have been offensive to some because of some curses, profanity and vulgarity of its scenes, but honestly, I didn't mind. In the craziness of it all, the humor put into the whole movie made sure that it just plays in the borner and never really crossed it. One of the best comedies the past months and probably the coming months.

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On Bateman, whatever character you put him in, he seem to do well. From the responsible family man, into a laid back, irresponsible bachelor, Bateman just adjusts well and does well at it. Ryan on the other hand delivers the usual bachelor guy just living and being a slob then being all too controlling, although not much effort is shown, he makes up for some serious and drama bits of it. Good acting for the two lead is great, chemistry is noticeable. The movie is also supported by 2 hot ladies, Leslie Mann and Olivia Wilde, both having equal share of lines and great support to the leads. I did however wanted more exposure of Olivia in this movie. 

From the poop, to the knives and babies, to the breast and vulgar words. Mix them just right along with the stunning cast, the you couldn't go wrong in making a comedy this good. The CGI they didn't go shy on, I think they used a bit of it showing the body's unnatural reactions to the scene, but I guess it was required on the scenes. I could just go on and on... but aren't you curious on how are they going to get their bodies back? Do check out The Change-up in theaters starting September 28, 2011. Check out the trailer below.

I tell you that you will L A U G H in this movie. I give the movie 4 out of 5, because its just plain hilarious!

This is Mix signing out!

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