Jollibee Hash Brown Burger: Unboxing


I was able to try Jollibee's new Hash Brown Burger even before I had the chance to check out the TVC ad or any post. I just saw it in the menu and I went for it. Hash Brown good, Jollibee burger patty good, cheese gooood!  = Langhap Sarap!! So here is the unboxing part. :)

Packaging, looked nice as their Champ Burger, good also that it's not wrapped same as their ordinary burger in wax paper. Presenting it in a box like this shows its premiumness. :)

Opened it up and saw two usual sized basked hash brown, Jollibee burger patty, cheese and a little ketchup.

The hashbrowns are baked, so I guess you don't have too worry much about getting much cholesterol.

"It has the trademark goodness of 100% pure beef Yumburger patty combined with a slice of cheese and sandwiched between two golden, crispy baked hash browns. A mouthful of this new burger will unfold many delights as the juiciness of the Yumburger patty compliments the crispiness of the perfectly-baked hash browns."

I am not going to show you the Hash brown burger half way of me finishing it. But it was sooo good. I could just eat that every breakfast and during break. To conscious to eat it? don't worry, researched and declared by some, the calories from this particular burger might give you around 550-600. Not bad (atleast for me) to munch on. 

Vedict? I like it! :) loving the langhap sarap taste on the deliciously baked hash browns! yum!

I hope this would be available all year and won't be just a seasonal offering. The solo burger costs P 64.00 and would cost around P 80 with a regular drink. 

You can check out their TVC below.

Buy and try one now!

This is Mix signing out!

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