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Blogger app now available on iTunes store.

By September 12, 2011 , , ,

I just had to try it myself. John Michael from posted this yesterday and shared to fellow bloggers the new app on iTunes store. Lo and behold. The blogger app!! The official blogger app that is.

It did had a few star review in the actual store, I would understand, but for me, it is quite ok and easy to maneuver compared to the one that I used to use before-blogpress.

Although the app has its limitations, I won't hold it against them. They've done well so far, just wondering what took them so long to comeup with an app.

Hopefully in the future we can move and locate pictures, use links and many other stuffs. :)

I guess I have to wait for the updates.

Oh and what's good about this blogger app? Is that I can edit previous posts. Ain't that grand? :) haha

Anyway, here's my post. I hope this helps bloggers on the go.

This is mix, posting from iPhone.


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